How To Check Your 3DS Ambassadorship Status

I've never been named an ambassador. I was once, like the Philadelphia Eagles' Hugh Douglas, a badassador, but that is altogether a different thing. Anyway, this free-games 3DS Ambassador program, rewarding suckers early adopters like yours truly, required North American customers to log into the Nintendo eShop before Aug. 11. I was curious whether in fact I was registered. Now we can check.

Nintendo rolled out this handy tool to check that status for Americas customers. (Customers in Japan had registered by visiting a website, which provided confirmation there to them at the time). Just drop in your 3DS serial number on the back of the device (CW plus the nine numbers) and it'll tell you.

If you're enrolled, you're entitled to 10 NES Virtual Console games from the eShop beginning Sept. 1. Another 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games will be made available to you later.

Confirm Your 3DS Eligibility [Nintendo via Tiny Cartridge]


    Bah. Can't edit my last post. Here is the link for the australian version. Inlude the letters at the beginning and leave out the boxed number at the end.

    Yay, I'm registered! For some reason I had a feeling that I wouldn't be.

    Bring on Metroid!

    Nah im not:(

    There's an australian version on the australian website. You just click on the 3ds section.

    When I first put it in, it said it wasn't registered. Then I realised I'd put it in wrong.


    Whatever happened to that form that could be filled in (with a proof of purchase) that Nintendo was going to put out for those who missed the cutoff?

    Luckily I didn't but a couple of my friends did.

    Americans also need to leave out the number in the box, the website is wrong. Caused a major panic on another forum till people worked that one out :)

      My American 3DS worked fine *with* the number in the box.

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