AU Diary: Packing Games For E3

AU Diary: Packing Games For E3

e3_logo_smallSunday, I fly out to Los Angeles for E3. It’s roughly a 14-hour flight. That’s plenty of time to catch up on some games. But which ones?

First decision: do I take my DS or my PSP? Or both?

Second decision: which games do I bring?

Here are my options for each system. I want you to tell me which handheld I should take and which games I should play.

Broken Sword (I’m about 80% through this, want to finish it)
Chrono Trigger (barely started this one)
GTA Chinatown Wars (quit this one early on after realising I wasn’t in the mood for more GTA)
Lock’s Quest (really enjoyed the preview build of this, but haven’t touched it since)

Castlevania Chronicles (started this ages ago but never got very far)
God of War (never played it)
Patapon 2 (played the tutorial)
Space Invaders Extreme (played it death already, but it’s still awesome)

And I’m open to any other suggestions!


  • As awesome as god of war and patapon 2 is on the PSP, the DS’s longer battery life combined with the pure win of chrono trigger makes it the winner in my eyes.

  • Your PSP will last about 2 hours of that 14 before it needs recharging. Heh.
    On DS, how about Rhythm Heaven, Fire Emblem, Dragon’s Quest: HotHB, Valkyrie Profile…
    personally, I need to finish Etrian Odyssey II.
    Oh, and for PSP, there’s also a few Star Oceans that might be worth a pop.

    • Get a bigger battery, mine lasts 9 hours and still slides into the sony pouch it came with. What with all the meals & alcohol and you might sleep that should keep you busy. God of War is great

  • Don’t take Patapon 2. You’ll get stuck and won’t be able to play anymore and then you’ll be bored the whole way to LA.

    Bring your DS and Chrono Trigger + Lock’s Quest!

  • Dementium the Ward, DS
    Elite Beat Agennts, DS
    Project: Purple Monkey Dishwasher: The Reckoning, N Gauge

  • Two very unique sets of genres you have there… You need both. The long winding rpg charms of the ds inter spliced with your shorter, more action orientated quick fix psp games. personally Id only be leaving behind GTA, just doesn’t float my boat… (or fly my plane?)

  • I’m still enjoying the copy of “Monster Hunter 2G” I picked up in Japan and applied the homebrew English “patch” to, despite the fact that there’s still about 20% of text untranslated. I’ll probably replace it with the “Freedom Unite” version if I can transfer my character over…

    Unfortunately, it cost me my Ghost in the Shell savegame. I swapped out my 64Mb MS I used for saves, and put in my 4Gb “Music and Movie” M2 so I could install from the UMD, and promptly lost the “Saves” stick. 🙁

    I’m wishing I’d also picked up “Space Invaders Extreme” while I was there. I loved the demo!

    • @Paul W

      GAME have a ‘3 for $50’ deal, and Space Invaders Extreme is in that deal, or $25 on it’s own. Well worth it.

      Goose, I reckon New Super Mario Bros. on DS.

  • You can get rechargers that work with plane power sockets. You will need it whichever system you take.

    I have played those PSP games. God of War is your best bet.

    I usually take retro compilations or a decent RPG when I travel. The Sega Genesis/Megadrive and the Capcom collections are really great for trips. If you haven’t finished FF Crisis Core, that is a travel friendly RPG.

    • Agreed, God of War is awesome. I normally don’t go for these types of action games, but this one had me addicted from the words New Game.

  • GTA Chinatown is the 2nd best GTA in the series (to Vice City, of course!)
    I don’t have a PSP myself, but the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo went up on PSN this morning. You could grab that.

  • Lock’s Quest is awesome! I’m so surprised to see that anyone else knows of this game. 😀 I just finished playing this and am on my second play through I enjoyed it so much. It will keep you going for about 10 hours first play through so should fit the bill nicely.

  • Take both…

    Finish Broken Sword, then move to God of War and with the second battery for the PSP… then Space Invaders Extreme… seeing as all the other games are lengthly, this will be something you can play in smaller doses…

    If by miracle you had Rock Band Unplugged… then that… Combining music and gaming will always work…

  • Take the DS, logically the battery will last longer, much longer. You need to get through 14 hours remember.

    This also depends on the airline, do they have a power socket for you to plug into, clearly Kotaku would be flying you First Class and the answer would be yes, making my first suggestion moot.

  • God of War on the PSP is fantastic. It won’t fill up the whole trip though so you’ll definitely need several games unless you want to re-play it.

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