Aussie Devs Crack The Top 100

Aussie Devs Crack The Top 100

We know that Blizzard just got named Develop magazine’s “most bankable” studio in its annual Top 100 list. But did any Australian studios make the cut?

Two did!

At a respectable #93 is Blue Tongue, creator of Kotaku favourite De Blob. Blue Tongue ranked ahead of studios such as Dimps (Street Fighter IV, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series) and Intelligent Systems (Paper Mario, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem).

But even more impressive was the showing of Krome Studios. At #41, Krome placed above such illustrious developers as Crystal Dynamics, Firaxis, Crytek and even Bungie. Krome released Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii, PS2, PSP), The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels (Wii) and Scene It? Box Office Smash (360) last year.

“Develop 100 ranks the world’s most bankable games development studios based on a variety of key criteria including sales data, critical success and industry standing.” And as an annual list it’ll favour developers who shipped product in that particular year.

The Develop 100 [Develop, via Australian Gamer]


  • Congratulations to both studios are in order. Especially considering the utter lack of federal-level government support that the industry has in Australia.

  • Aww, I’m feeling kind of patriotic! I had no idea Aussie devs were working on such big projects. I thought we only had de Blob and that other game that no one cared about. Whatsitsname.

  • This is great news – although i thought maybe 2K Games would be on there. They do have a development team in Australia – Bioshock anyone? AND you may say that game came out in ’07 – it did have a release on the PS3 late last year.

    I hope to see Prohpecy Games on this list soon. Does Anyone remember ‘Under Pressure’ – a game thats being developed between numerous cities including Canberra & Adelaide?

    They hadn’t found a publisher as yet – but the game from what was shown looked pretty good. Imagine it now!

    Link is here:

    David – any chance of you finding out more about this. Would love to hear or see some more info on the game. Give some love for our Aussie Dev’s out there.

  • Its great an aussie company got up there, but all those games listed for Krome were only ‘meh’. I would’ve thought both crytek and bungie would’ve been above them

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