Kotaku's Next Xbox Live Community Playdate Is...?

xbox-live-logo...entirely up to you. I wanna know what game you want to be featured in the next Kotaku Xbox Live Community Playdate.

Regular Live users will know there's an Events section on the 360 dashboard. In it you'll find regular Community Playdates, giving you the opportunity to get online with a whole bunch of other Australians for some (hopefully) lag-free online gaming.

I'm about to book in a Playdate for Kotaku readers. But I wanna know what game you want to play.

Your choices are:

* Bionic Commando * FEAR 2 * Halo Wars * Resident Evil 5 * Saints Row 2 * Team Fortress 2

Vote for one of these in the comments below and we'll do this democratically.

To participate in the playdate, just send a friend request to "KotakuAUST" and use the friends of friends feature to find other Kotaku readers.

UPDATE: So it looks like Team Fortress 2 is the winner. And it looks like July 3 will be the date. Confirmation coming soon.


    Team Fortress 2 please!

    I vote TF2. Only one I have.

    Although I'd enjoy a Burnout Paradise one sometime.

    Also, the friends of friends format limits this to 100 people, unfortunately...

      And once KotakuAUST hits 100 people, I'll open a KotakuAUST2 account...

    Team Fortress 2 pleaseandthankyou.

    Maybe you could do a COD:WAW Zombie co-op night in the future? One Kotaku member per team...just saying.

    Team Fortress 2

    I only own Team Fortress, so I'll take it!

    Looool TF2 on xbox,

    Lets play BC or RE5

    PC is for Tf2

    Team Fortress 2

    TF2 please

    TF2 please. I haven't played that in aaaaaages.

    Blah, don't own any of those :(

    Have fun guys.

    saints row 2 and nazi zombies

    Team Fortress 2.

    Never really played it 'casue it always lagged horribly when I tried. Might be worth giving it another shot.

    TF2 FTW!

    Saints Row 2.
    No point playing a gimped version of TF2 on 360. Valve still hasnt fixed glitches that were fixed in the first month on the PC version.

    Team fortress 2 !!!!

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