100,000 Australians Now Have A Nintendo DSi

nds_nintendo_dsi_lifestyle_06Nintendo has told us they've just sold their 100,000th DSi in Australia. Not bad for hardware that's barely three months old.

Back in April we reported the DSi had sold 30,000 at launch - or rather in the 10 days after launch. Since then it's sold an impressive 100,000 units in just 14 weeks on sale. Discounting the 10-day launch period, that's around 5,500 units per week.

It's even more impressive when you consider how long it took other Nintendo hardware to reach 100,000:

- The DS Lite took 18 weeks - The Wii took a tardy 28 weeks - The original DS took a staggering 46 weeks!

However, the DSi is still not the quickest piece of hardware to hit the 100k milestone. That honour goes to the PS2 Slim, knocking up its ton in less than 10 weeks in the market.

The DS (including DS Lite and DSi) has sold over two million units in Australia to date.

Are you one of the 100,000? If so, how's your DSi treating you? If not, why haven't you taken the plunge?


    If not, why haven’t you taken the plunge?

    I dont need ANOTHER useless piece of Nintendo hardware. I barely use my Wii and DS as it is....

      Sadly, i'm one of the few million full time uni students that has no money at all.

      So no DSI for me

        Being a full time uni student shouldn't stop you from splurging! Ignore the fact that I'm being a hypocrite.

        Only use my DS to play games, no real point in upping to a DSi unless for some reason I get the urge to record and listen to my own voice.

    I wouldn't lump the DS' uselessness to the category of the Nintendo Wii. Other people use their DS all the time.

    However there is good reason why the DSi is labelled the 'DS Sigh', because its expanded features is still a bit of a disappointment.

    I used to have a DS, great little handheld device, but honestly, i just never used it. Much like the Wii, it would just sit there gathering dust.

    Doesn't mean that they are no good, on the other hand, my missus never puts hers down! So i guess it just depends on who's using it, its just not a piece of hardware for the hardcore gamers.

    I upgraded to the DSi from a Lite. The best and most useful feature is the browser which I use on a very frequent basis. It's functional like that, which justifies the upgrade.

    I use my DS all the time especially that now O've upgraded to the DSi...I now have 4 Ds's!! I probably should look at selling one or two, yeah?

    I haven't used my DS for awhile, but I like to own DSi for collection.

    The upgrade is really embarrassing really.

    I mean they announced a camera & all this other bullshiz.
    But they have installed this camera at the cheapest of cheapest cost. I mean its barely a camera and all these kids & japanese freaks are running to the store to get one.

    This is Nintendo at its best. Ripping the consumer off with this shit upgrade.

    I recently got a DSi for a pretty good deal (paid only $159 for it), which was an upgrade from the original DS. I haven't had much of a chance to go online but I made sure I got the free 1000 shop points.

    Even though I wish it had the GBA slot, I really do like the the brightness of it. I'm happy with it.

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