DSi XL Comes With Unexpectedly Slim Price Tag

DSi XL Comes With Unexpectedly Slim Price Tag
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Nintendo’s newest handheld, the up-sized DSi XL, launches in Australia on April 15. But how much will it cost? Not as much as you might think.

When the previous hardware revision launched here, the DSi clocked in at $100 more than the DS Lite. Of course, the DSi did have some new features to justify the price hike, but regardless Nintendo did effectively increase the system’s price by 50%.

The DSi XL doesn’t have any new features over the DSi, but it is a lot larger, as you can see. Surely it’d be more expensive again?

Nope. It’s the same price as the regular DSi: $299.95.

It’s possible Nintendo could adjust the DSi and DS Lite prices once the XL actually launches – and I’ve asked them that very question. We’ll see if they respond. Right now, though, I’m pleasantly surprised they didn’t seize the opportunity to raise the system’s price once again.


  • The DS Lite and DSi really should be cheaper then they are at this point.

    But surprised for sure about the XL price.

  • Wow I was expecting $350. Even the customer service at a store said they spoke to a Nintendo Rep and said about $350. $300 is not bad considering heaps of kids got the DSI.

  • Well you charge what people will pay though, they don’t have any trouble selling them at this price.. they’ll probably sell even more if the older models go down in price though.

  • damn I didn’t think the DSi was worth that but with the bigger screen the DSi XL might actually be worth the $299… too bad I’ve brought the DSL just before the DSi came out X|

  • That’s not surprising – it would have been rich to charge $400 for a hand-held console when that’s basically only slightly cheaper than a PS3 (and more expensive than a Wii or a 360).

    • I bought my 360 (new) for $200! Paying $300 for a handheld is ridiculous – esp considering that the added functions (Camera, Weak Browser) don’t make up for removing GBA compatibility.

  • Both still over priced IMO. I’ll just keep my DS Lite… not that I’ve acutally turned it on in the last 8 months.

  • i expected it to be an extra $20 like i think how the US have? but still quite a bit,for something that will be outdated by next year

  • Wow- still a lot of price-based hating going on. Does anyone actually remember how much they paid for Gameboys back in the day? I am constantly shaking my head and reminding people that games are actually getting cheaper in real terms. We paid $100 retail for N64 and PSX games only 10 years ago…

  • …and I just bought a DS lite less than a week ago… kinda guessed the XL would be way more expensive. Oh well Chrono Trigger is still Chrono Trigger regardless of the screen size ^_^

  • YAHOOOOEEEEE!! This is SO EXCITING!! I wonder if the ‘drop’ in price has anything to do with the announcement of the DS3D coming out in
    Japan later this year???

  • Overpriced? Yes. But as overpriced as much as everyone feared it would be for Australians? Nope.

    Actually, considering it took years for the Wii to even get a measly $50 discount, this is surprisingly generous.

    That said, I won’t get one until they release more attractive colour options.

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