Have You Won A NERF Blaster?

We’re now at the half way mark of our NERF giveaway. So who’s won the loot so far, you ask? These guys have.

Congratulations to Seth, Stin, David and WQ, your prizes will be across to you shortly.

For everyone else, never fear. There are still two weeks remaining and four blasters to be win. So click through to the game and give it a shot. And if you have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, click through to the original post to find out what's going on.


    I have played this game for nearly a hour and i still have never cracked 2000 score, seriously these people must be hacking which makes the whole thing pointless :S

      I call hacks as well. There's no why you can get over 2k. I got EVERY single bomb and din't hit 2000, highets was 1914

        There is sertainly something dodgy going on here

    Hmmm doubt they are hacking, that score seems reachable... with about 24 hours gameplay :P

    Yes I can't work out the mechanics of the game to improve my score anywhere near what they achieve.

    Ditto, I spent several hours over the last week trying to get any where near the high scores and it seemed absolutely impossible. I was hitting every single bomb and still not coming close to 2000.

    Has it been investigated if there's an exploit?

    I nearly played this game a hour but i didnt score higher than 2000

    Well, hacks are possible I believe, download the game, change the AS and it would upload your impossible scores.

    Not willing to try this, but maybe an admin could make sure it is not possible.

    I wouldn't call hax just yet, I think a bomb replaces a bomb as soon as you hit it possibly? would mean more bombs would come if you hit them sooner, and I've seen some people with killer reflexes.

    With a program called cheat engine you can pretty much hack any flash game, that being said the top score isnt so over the top, i think its just luck

    what is this ? I HAV no idea !

    lol, check the high scores now, someone has haxed their gibson >_<

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