LunchTimeWaster: CrunchBall 3000

crunchball-3000-picBye-bye lunch. Bye-bye the rest of Monday afternoon. It's Speedball in your browser.

Except it's called CrunchBall 3000, apparently the 3000th edition in the CrunchBall series. (Not true!)

If you've played Speedball - or, especially, Speedball 2 - you know what this is. Future sports. Super violent. Like football but you throw the ball rather than kick it. And you elbow people to tackle them.

I'm gonna keep this post short because I have more CrunchBall to play work to do.

CrunchBall 3000 [Armor Games]


    Speedball 2 without the extras and bonuses. I'm going to lose sooo much time to this.

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