LunchTimeWaster: Exploding Cow Milk Crisis

exploding-cow-milk-crisis-picMilk the cows before they explode or get abducted by aliens. OK, you got that?

Exploding Cow Milk Crisis is all about managing your time under duress. You have half a dozen cows gradually expanding as they over-produce milk. You need to milk them quick before they explode. Your bucket can only hold so much milk, so you're constantly switching between clicking on the cows and then your urn to fill it up.

Then the aliens arrive. Now you have to keep doing the above while also switching to a gun to shoot the aliens down before they make off with your precious cows. Careful to switch back to your bucket though, before you try to milk a cow... guns and cows don't mix.

Try the Easy setting to get the hang of it first.

Exploding Cow Milk Crisis [Newgrounds]


    Love the intense title, lol.

    And "guns and cows don’t mix"? Surely you jest! I bet they're making a dystopian/apocalyptic sequel to Barnyard right now; hooray for hollywood or sth.

      Yeah, actually, I discovered after writing the post just how satisfying it is to keep blasting away at all the respawning cows once you've hit the "game over" screen.

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