Diablo IV Players Reckon They’re About To Uncover The Secret Cow Level

Diablo IV Players Reckon They’re About To Uncover The Secret Cow Level

A group of dedicated Diablo IV players reckon they’re on the cusp of uncovering the game’s secret cow level. The news comes after players received a trio of mysterious items following the murder of 666 of the game’s digital cows.

As spotted by Wowhead, a recent video from Diablo IV YouTuber Grampa Joe lays out exactly why fans think the Cow Level is about to be revealed. He goes on to explain how these three mystery relics — a Bloody Wooden Shard, an Intricate Metallic Fragment, and a Musty Tome — will factor into its discovery. These items were first detected by data miners tunnelling into the recent Season 2 update.

To obtain the three relic items, players must murder 666 cows (a total of 1,998). The cows must be killed in different parts of the game’s world map to get each item to drop. It’s currently believed that the Intricate Metallic Fragment will only drop in the Dry Steppes, the Bloody Wooden Shard from Hawezar or Kehjistan, and the Tome in Fractured Peaks or Scosglen. Another school of thought suggests that cows can be murdered anywhere, provided the 666th cow is slain in the correct region.

All three relics must be placed on the Ked Bardu altar in the Dry Steppes. Placing all three items on the altar, identifiable by the ox statues that surround it, drops a key. Fans have discovered that this key opens a door to the Forlorn Hovel east of Cerrigar.

The hovel … is full of cows. Dead villagers also litter the Hovel, presumably murdered by the cows. The cows do not attack, they merely watch as your character moves around the space. You can kill them, but it doesn’t appear to have any effect. Killing the last cow in the Hovel drops a potion, which GamesRadar says is powdered milk. Nobody knows what to do with it yet or if it even has a use at all.

For now, that’s where this bloody trail ends. It isn’t clear yet what the next step is. Some believe that a portal in the Hovel must be opened. This theoretical portal, they think, will take them to the Cow Level. But the method of opening it is, for now, still shrouded in secrecy.

Much like Diablo II‘s Cow King, Blizzard still insists that there is no cow level.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment, Kotaku Australia

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