BlizzCon 2023 Attendees Are Searing Themselves With Lilith’s Mark For Free

BlizzCon 2023 Attendees Are Searing Themselves With Lilith’s Mark For Free

If you’ve ever wanted to show your devotion to Lilith in a sacrifice of the flesh, BlizzCon is host to a free pop-up Diablo tattoo studio on the showfloor, aptly titled ‘Hell’s Ink’. Attendees willing to take their love for the franchise to a more permanent level can pick from multiple Diablo flash tattoo designs from the artists at Vatican Studios and cop a skinsuit sticker in the convention’s moody Diablo IV section, complete with spooky music, ominous red lighting, and cultists ready to complete sacrifices right next door.

This isn’t the first Hell’s Ink pop-up, with similar events cropping up in multiple cities for the release of Diablo II: Resurrected and Diablo IV. There’s also a temporary tattoo setup just across the BlizzCon expo hall for those keen to display their devotion to the burning hells in a less permanent way (or those who miss out on appointments at Hell’s Ink).

Hell’s Ink is offering the choice of one of thirteen Diablo flash designs, including the Hell Key, class icons, and a pretty sick Inarius design. While I’d normally warn against rolling up your sleeves for a free tattoo in any other circumstance, I think BlizzCon gets a pass.

Hell’s Ink isn’t the only Diablo IV experience on offer on the BlizzCon showfloor, with the horrific Tree of Whispers, Horadric Library, and tarot card readers among the other activities and locations on display. The franchise also got a look-in at the opening ceremony, with the announcement of the game’s first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, coming in 2024, amongst other upcoming seasonal events and updates.

While I probably won’t be adding a Diablo tatt to my collection just yet, it’s pretty damn tempting. I’ll be waiting for a secret cow-level-inspired design before my flesh prison cops a free flash piece from Hell’s Ink, I reckon.

Lead Image Credit: Blizzard

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