Diablo 4’s Tattoo World Tour Offers More Than Just Free Branding

Diablo 4’s Tattoo World Tour Offers More Than Just Free Branding
Image: Diablo / Twitter

Who knew that all you need to do to get Diablo IV for free is to tattoo a big ol’ D on your big ol’ heinie?

As David reported last month, Blizzard is on a ‘Diablo Hell’s Ink’ marketing tour for Diablo IV that consists of touring tattoo artists giving free custom Diablo tattoos to a few lucky folks that entered their competition, and a few pre-designed flash tattoos to the first people that walk through the door.

While their trip to Australia won’t be until September, Blizzard and their crew of tattoo artists are already jet-setting around the United States, putting all sorts of little drawings on fans of the series.

Their first stop was Los Angeles on July 17th, where it was revealed that any person that was willing to ‘offer their flesh as a tribute’ would get beta access to Diablo IV, followed by a free digital copy of Diablo IV upon release.

What a deal, right? Forget money, it isn’t even real. If you want a new game, you should just be able to get a tattoo of it and then they give it to you for free. Sure, tattoos are a lot more expensive than your average tattoo, but these ones are free!

The Diablo Twitter account later showed off just what flash designs would be available to first come, first served customers that didn’t win a custom tattoo opportunity.

Honestly, there are a few designs there that I actually wouldn’t mind getting if it meant a free copy of Diablo IV. But a big ‘D’ is Definitely not one of them.

If you are a huge Diablo fan and want to get some new Diablo-inspired ink for free, they’ll be coming to Sydney and Melbourne in September.

Me personally? If there’s any tattoo I would get for beta access and a free digital copy of a game, you know exactly what it would be.

diablo tattoo
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia


    • A free Diablo Immortal tattoo gets you $15,000 worth of loot box tries, no promises on those Legendary Gems though!

      • *Raises eyebrow* It’s Activision $15 at most but you need to purchase a $1000 season pass tattoo to get it

  • Lets see getting a tattoo that you only have a limited selection of for a game, that isn’t released and no one knows how good it will be to fulfill a marketing gimmick for a company that engages in trying to milk every last cent out of customers, straight up protected sexual predators and the CEO threatened to murder his assistant.

    Did I miss anything?

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