Nintendo Scans Aussie Release For Metroid Prime Trilogy

Nintendo Scans Aussie Release For Metroid Prime Trilogy

Good news, Metroid fans. Later this year you’ll be able to play all three Metroid Prime games on your Wii.

Of course, you can play them all on it now. But the Metroid Prime Trilogy – first revealed here – adds full Wiimote and nunchuk support for the Gamecube originals, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Better yet, the compilation is definitely launching in Australia before Christmas. And that’s not all, as Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin told us:

“[Metroid Prime Trilogy]is certainly coming. That looks fantastic. And it’s got a little… special item in the book. That’s definitely coming.”

A little special item?

“Just a little something in the book, but we need people to wait for that.”

Rose, you’re a tease.

Maybe she’s just talking about this? Or maybe there’s something else Nintendo have left to reveal…?

I loved Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, but I’ve yet to play Echoes or Corruption. So I’m personally very much looking forward to this Trilogy. Did the Wii controls work well with Corruption?


  • Wii controls for corruption were fantastic. Possibly the greatest FPS controls I’ve ever used.
    Game was slightly lacking though..
    Metroid Prime: Echoes on the other hand was fantastic.

  • awesome controls in corrpution.
    you got lock on, but still had to aim.
    i’m calling prime 2 as the best of the 3, you get even more dread and isolation, and the item reclaiming process, (against bosses equipping them) is genius.

  • Hopefully she is referring to the very awesome steelbook edition.

    And yes David, the MP3 controls are awesome. The Japanese NPC Metroid Prime 1 and 2 also work well with the new controls.

  • Can’t wait for this to come out. Never had a chance to play any of the games and yet so much hype surrounds them. Can’t go wrong with 3 games for the price of 1

  • MP3’s controls are exceptional. I never played the first two so I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  • I’ll add to the chorus that says that yes, the MP3 controls were awesome. Best controls for a console FPS game I’ve ever used. About as close to the mouse/keyboard combo as you can get.

    Definitely looking forward to this. Nice to see in the wake of the fiasco with Excitebots that we are gonna get this one.

  • WOHOOO more re releases instead of MAKING NEW GAMES.

    **** im sick of this.

    again proof that the wii is made for people that have never played games in their life. wouldnt want them to miss out on old stuff now wouldnt we?

    also, MP2 is the WORST of the 3, followed closley by Corruption.

    way to turn a perfectly good adventure series into an FPS.

    not sure the new controls will do much for Prime, considering it was an adventure game and the controls were damned good for that.

  • Wow… cherish it, relish it and buy it people =P This is probably one of the very few once in a blue moon good ‘core games to come out in AU xD

  • Corruption controls were fantastic. I’ve got all 3 prime games, but i’m still gonna pick this up for the improved controls and widescreen support.

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