AU Diary: Collector’s Edition, Really?

AU Diary: Collector’s Edition, Really?
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The Metroid Prime Trilogy landed on my desk this morning. Curious, after hearing we’d been given an inferior version, I ripped open the package to find out exactly what’s inside our so-called Collector’s Edition.

It certainly says Collector’s Edition on the front. It’s in shiny silver lettering, too. Below it, Metroid Prime Trilogy is similarly shiny and silver, and embossed. This is all just on the varnished cardboard sleeve which holds a regular Wii game case.

And that regular Wii game case still bears the giant classification box in the bottom left, unnecessarily ruining what would otherwise be an elegant, minimal cover design.

Inside, the advertised “special insert detailing the story and art of the Metroid Prime Trilogy” is as lame as you may have feared. It’s a tiny fold-out pamphlet with a bunch of concept art on one side and a story synopsis on the other. Bizarrely, it’s not a synopsis of the Metroid series to date, thus potentially filling you in on where the Prime games fit into the chronology, but rather a summary of the games you’ve just bought and – presumably – don’t want spoiled.


Still, on the bright side, they’re all fantastic games. Metroid Prime is for me one of the decade’s best titles – comfortably the best Gamecube game and one of my all-time favourites on any platform. Replaying it now in 16:9 with the excellent Wii controls, it remains as breathtaking as ever.

It might not be quite the Collector’s Edition it promises, but it’s a release no collection should be without.


  • It’s terrible, why does the OFLC logo have to go on the slip on the outside – why not just put a sticker of it on if it requires. One that can be removed of course.

    And yeah the little booklet is very lame. Perhaps Nintendo had bigger plans for the CE here and thus the “special” comment earlier in the year regarding the title but it’s all just fallen to bits.

    Glad I imported the US version, missing water effects or not.

    • Interestingly, I’ve a copy of the DVD Battlestar Galactica season 4 part 1 sitting on my desk here. It has a cardboard slip on cover which displays the Classification Board rating, while the regular hard plastic DVD case inside has no classification markings at all.

      So presumably it’s not a Classification Board requirement, rather the Metroid Prime publisher saving a couple of bob by not producing 2 separate case designs.

  • Is this going to be like that Resident Evil 4 “collector’s edition” for the Gamecube, the only edition ever to release (at least that I know of in Aus), thus nullifying the limitedness that is usually associated with collector’s editions?

  • It doesn’t matter how many times we get screwed over, I’m still not used to it. It’s like getting kicked in the danglies over and over again, you just don’t get used to that.

  • I guess Australia doesn’t generate enough sales to be important enough to get the more expensive version of the Collector’s edition.

  • Heh.

    I couldnt fathom why we never got the Bioshock and Mass Effect Collector’s Editions…

    I would’ve laid down money for both of those. Everytime they come up on eBay I never have any money to get em.

    Eh…least we have the internet to source the stuff we miss.

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