Question Time: Your Chance To Interview Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells

Question Time: Your Chance To Interview Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells

Question Time is where YOU get to interview some of the games industry’s leading figures. This week, we put the Evan Wells of Uncharted developer Naughty Dog in the spotlight. What would you ask him?

Here’s how Question Time works: you come up with the questions and a games industry luminary will answer them.

evanwells-smallToday, it’s the turn of Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog (that’s him to your right). Evan’s been at Naughty Dog for years, right from the beginning of the Jak & Daxter series right up until their current project, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Maybe you’d like to ask him about Nathan Drake? Perhaps you’ve played the Uncharted 2 beta and have a few queries? Or maybe you’d like to know the future of Jak? Or what it’s like being one of Sony’s major first-party studios? Or just about anything you like.

The best questions will be sent to Evan to answer and we’ll publish his response ASAP. Leave your questions in the comments below.

Note: We’ll have the answers to the previous Question Time with Volition’s Sean Kennedy very soon. Apologies for the delay.


  • Just out of interest, a question for Evan Wells… Are you, Amy Hennig or any members of the Naughty Dog team gay? I know it’s a personal question, but I was just wondering if there are any gay game developers out there.

    • Given that that question probably won’t be passed on, I can tell you the answer: plenty. It’s an industry run primarily by creatives and there seem to be lots of gay folks who fall into that kind of mindset.

  • – Is it rare for a games company to hire someone that has not spent their entire career in the industry?

  • What do you see as the biggest difference between when you are working on an open-world platformer such as Jak and when you are working on a more linear action-adventure such as the Uncharted series?

  • Ive been hearing whispers about Naughty Dog considering a Collectors Edition of Uncharted 2. Is there any truth to the rumor? If so are there any details on it that can be divulged?

  • Hey Evan,
    I played the Uncharted 2 beta and enjoyed it because it plays differently to most online shooters. But I’d like to see more opportunities to climb around the environment to really differentiate it from other games. What are your thoughts on this?

  • I was wondering how much of a part Elena will play in Uncharted 2 now that Nate seems to have a new female sidekick, are we talking cameo or love triangle?

  • 1) What is it like working with Amy Hennig?
    2) What was the main inspiration when it came to making Uncharted
    3) Does anyone at Naughty Dog have a Cat?

  • Hi Evan
    Wondering if you could shed anymore light on the Uncharted movie, anything from casting, location, estimated release, naughty dog involvement?…any info would be awesome!

  • Nathan Drake is one lovable dude, so I find it disconcerting that such a fellow would be guilty of killing so many enemies.
    Will Uncharted 2 delve into this matter, revealing that Nate is a killer-de-force? Or am I looking too deeply into it, and that he isn’t so menacing in the story cannon?

  • When will we hear about your next title? As excited for Uncharted 2 as I am I would really like to know what chance their is of me getting to play another Jak and Daxter game.

  • What is the general consensus at Naughty Dog about who the team thinks should play the lead characters, and who they would like to direct the film?

    Second question:
    Has the emergence of Uncharted on the silver screen in anyway made any difference to how your going to craft your characters for future Uncharted games? Will you make them similar to their actor/actresses, that sort of thing?

  • Will Naughty Dog ever go back to working on the Jack and Daxter series? I know about Jak 4 but was wondering if Naughty Dog would ever go back to it?

  • Hey there man, can you tell me what it was like to transition from the family friendly Jak and Daxter to the mature themed Jak II and the next ones. I mean like how Jak is more like GTA, he has guns and language, and now has a more mature storyline which set the pace for ND’s narrative-driven games.

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