Wii Sports Resort Melbourne Launch Comes With Bonus Swag

Wii Sports Resort is out tomorrow. Tonight in Melbourne there's a launch event where you could score yourself some swag.

It's happening at EB Games on Swanston St from 10pm until 1am. Everyone who buys a copy of Wii Sports Resort tonight will receive an additional Wii MotionPlus add-on and a free remote double charger. Trust me, you'll want two MotionPluses, if only to enjoy the multiplayer delights of swordfighting and table tennis.

Nintendo will also be hosting some competitions, including the first round of an ongoing Wii Sports Resort tournament, as well as an unnamed prize for the best dressed athlete.

Sounds like fun. And hey, if you do head down, take some photos and send them to us!


    btw... not directly related to this topic specifically, but for Sydney Siders, Dick smith has the Wii Sports Resort incl MP add on, and an additional MP add on for $88. Just got EB to price match and have a pre order at that price.

    The best EB could do was $79 pre order but then still have to pay full retail for the second MP add on.

    Just FYI really.

    EB are offering $20 (so $79 anyway) with pre-order... does that mean we can get this special offer -and- a pre-order? I should ring 'em up... =\

    Tyris, if you're looking to get the $20 off pre-order of Wii Sports Resort AND the price match - don't bother. It's not allowed under company policy. =/

    I pre-ordered this online on the GAME website less than a week ago for $74 and it came with an additional MP. Got it in the mail today and I've been playing it for a while =D

    I meant, since their pre-order offer is $20 off; and their "launch" offer is bonus m+... can you get the 2x m+ and the game and the charger for $80... or will it be full price at $100... or is it the price Nintendo advertise on their website ($120)?
    Not sure i can be bothered going...

    Hey David, I'm just about to upload some pics to my blog before bed. Excuse phone quality, but the point still gets across.


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