AU Diary: I Need Your DJ Hero Questions

I was out at an Xbox 360 media event earlier today. They talked through their upcoming Movies On Demand service, Facebook, Twitter, and a bunch of games. DJ Hero was there, too.

I'll be interviewing the DJ Hero guys tomorrow morning, so let me know if there's anything you'd like me to ask them.

As for the rest of the Xbox event, there wasn't a whole lot of new info since E3. There's still no exact launch date for Movies On Demand, where you'll be able to stream or download at 1080p, but we will be getting it later this year simultaneously with the rest of the world.

They demoed the Sky TV channel announced for the UK, which allows you to watch all that content while in a Live party. Is something similar coming to Australia? Yes, but the Microsoft reps wouldn't say anything beyond that they're in negotiations now with various TV partners.

We also chatted briefly about Games On Demand and Microsoft did acknowledge they need to look at the prices for those titles. They admitted that the current $29.95 and $49.95 price brackets will probably be the "sweet spot" moving forward. We'll see.

Other than that, I verified that Halo 3: ODST and Forza 3 were looking as solid as they did at E3, opted to not check out the Lips: Number One Hits demo room (it was situated in the bathroom of the venue's swank penthouse and full of bubble bath), scoffed down a delicious chicken and tomato salsa roll and bailed.

Don't forget to leave your DJ Hero questions in the comments!


    How can they make a DJ video game and have such a small amount of quality hip hop tracks on the tracklist?

    Is it going to be a full series of games, not just a once off? Will it have compatibility with the other DJ game?

    Any Mix Master Mike for DLC?

    Played DJ Hero at trade show 3 wks back- very impressive. Even surprised myself by managing to play righty when I'm a lefty (Great flip mode btw). What DLC will there be at launch AND will there be a possibility of some limited user-based mixing rather than premix stuff so far? I can definitely see this franchise kicking off bigtime from the get-go.

    what challenges did DJ hero present compared to guitar hero? and what lessons were you able to bring from the GH games in terms of DLC, Accessories and UI to this new franchise.

    Why did you decided to go with mash ups for the music, as opposed to straight up hiphop / techno / etc?

    Will there be the ability to take two tracks from Guitar Hero World Tour (or any other source, really, but I realise haalf the anwer is the whole licensing mess they could get into with "user content") and mix them together mash up style?

    Do you share the 1up guys concerns that DJ Hero is to hardcore for casual. They made the point that most people generally knew how to hold and 'use' a guitar but a turntable is an entirely different story and most peopel do not know how to use one.

    they said on medium to be doing two to three things for one note was quite complex and the whole experience left them wondering how succesful it will be with teh casual audience.

    also whats the quality of the turntable compared to the GH Guitars.

    Oh that last question was for daves impressions ;)

    Question for the guys is, you've announced a feature where people can plug Guitar Hero guitars into the system and play. How does this affect the game and how does a guitar fit into what is generally very trance-like music.

    What was the reasoning behind adding the functionality of the guitar, expand the appeal to pre-existing users of the 'Hero' brand?

    I heard that you'd be able to make use of Guitar Hero controllers in DJ Hero to play a song while the DJ mixed it. If this is true, does that mean DJ Hero tracks will be playable in Guitar Hero 5 via download like the tracks from Guitar Hero: World Tour and Guitar Hero: Metallica?
    Also, if so, does this mean we will be able to do the reverse and play Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero: Metallica and Guitar Hero 5 tracks in DJ Hero?

    Whatever happened to Daft Punk?

    Perhaps ask the developers or publishers whoever... when are they gonna stop developing these sort of games?

    I'm no where near sold on DJ Hero. So yeah, just seems like such an annoyance.

    Are they friends with Nintendo by any chance?

    How many Bemani games are you planning to rip off?

    You don't have to use my questions since of my bad english. lol

    How did you conclude to use 3 buttons then the traditional 5 buttons of other DJ-ing Games (i.e Beatmania & Scratch)? Do you think 5 buttons will offer more depth in gameplay for DJ Hero or was 3 suffice?

    Would DJ Hero allow you to adapt skills to become a 'professional' DJ? Could they be adapted from your controller? If so, then what are they?

    How about: "What made you decide to do a DJing game involving very little to do with actual DJing, but rather is just a simple rhythm game?"

    Do they even realise that real DJing, whether it be Hip-Hop style cutting and battle mixing, or Dance-style beatmixing, bears little to no resemblance to their game?

    i want to know if they will bring dlc to support other dj hardware to be used instead of the controller eg will they support the scratch deck for scratch ultimate dj

    my limited knowledge of the game is it's much like guitar hero, following on-screen cues. are there free style sections where you can make your own music?

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