DJ Hero Aussie Pricing Revealed

DJ Hero Aussie Pricing Revealed

While our UK friends bend over with a DJ Hero price point 50% higher than in the US, EB has let slip a far more palatable Australian price.

$179.95 appears to be the RRP, according to an EB listing posted this morning. That’s the same price across all three platforms – PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

So how do we stack up against the rest of the world?

Well, the retail price in the US is US$120. Currency exchange fans will be interested to see our price equates to around US$145, while over in the UK they’re being slapped with a US$177 tag. Ouch.

We’ve contacted Activision for official confirmation of the DJ Hero price and will update this story when it arrives.

What do you think of the price?

[Thanks to Thomas, Robert and all the others who sent us this tip!]


  • $180? nah i’ll pass. i might get it a few months after release when it comes down in price. ~$130 then we’ll talk 🙂

  • i wonder if this game is 2 players? and would eb sell hardware seperate?

    last time i tried to buy another guitar when guitar hero 3 was out i was told:
    EB STAFF “im sorry, we dont sell guitars seperate”
    ME “how am i supposed to play 2 player mode?”
    EB STAFF “you dont, you play by yourself”
    ME “<_<“

    • Then why Buy anything from EB? If they’re so friggen hopeless why give them your money?

      Is a $5-$10 saving really saving anything if you buy it there?

      If you keep shopping at retail outlets that treat you with such contempt, then you really don’t deserve to complain about their behaviour.

      You’re doing it to yourself.

      • I’ll point out that I work for an independant retailer and we bend over backwards to give our customers excellent service, despite having local publishers and supplier throwing flamming hoops for us to jump through.

        When I hear people complain about the brick and mortar stores, I laugh soo very hard.

        You get what you pay for, that goes for customer service as well.

  • US $120 = ~$150 right now, but we’re at 80c to the dollar and I doubt that that is the exchange rate that was originally used when pricing stuff out. At 75c to the USD (which on average is where our dollar’s been sitting, +/- 5c or so, for a while now) and you’re talking $160. Factor in 10% GST and you’re at $176. Not unreasonable at all.

    While we’re on the subject of music games though, what happened to Rock Band 2 in Australia? Still waiting… 🙁

    • Newsflash, Activision ain’t Rock Band.

      So Rock Band 2 comes out when EA/Harmonix want to.

      Whilst on the topic of Rock Band, lol, Rock Band could be so much better and popular than Guitar Hero, which it deserves to be, if it was released simultaneously across the world on all platforms.

      Guitar Hero is just a joke these days though.

      • Newsflash, he knows that, he said “on the subject of music games”.

        I’d really love RB2 to come to Aus. I’ve got it already, but it’s the us version, so my dlc doesn’t work from rb1. very dissapointing. Hopefully they release it soonish, before RB:Beatles.

    • I imported Rock Band 2 from the UK (PS3) cause I got tired of waiting. Have to say, blasts GH: World tour out of the water. Its my favourite game of 2009.

      Now, if only I could import Rock Band 1 tracks into it …

  • what about scratch ultimate DJ pricing – i like the controller alot more then DJ hero and ign preview looked awesome

  • A lot of people also fail to consider a US RRP doesn’t include tax. So when you hit the register in the US that US$120 price will actually become something like US$135, depending on state tax.

    So the equivalence is actually pretty good. Huzzah.

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