Your Australian Xbox 360 Games On Demand Launch Titles

Your Australian Xbox 360 Games On Demand Launch Titles

Earlier we brought you the full lineup of Xbox 360 Games On Demand titles to be available at launch in the US. Here’s the list to be available in Australia.

Yes, it’s a shorter list.

BioShock Call of Duty 2 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Kameo: Elements of Power Mass Effect Perfect Dark Zero Prey Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Viva Piñata Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise

Games On Demand is part of the new Xbox Live dashboard update hitting on August 12. It offers full Xbox 360 games for download. No prices have been advised at this stage, but at E3 we saw the US lineup priced at US$19.99.

UPDATE: Microsoft has advised us that prices will be “available at launch.” Kinda weird they won’t tell us in advance…


  • I Really doubt this will kick off in Australia unless Microsoft strike a deal to make these downloads un-metered

      • I have a really really crappy deal with optus, i got 6 gigs peak and 12 gigs off peak, this was good 2 years ago when i got the deal but now, i usually get capped one or 2 weeks before the new month

        I’ll give you a tip, dont sign up with otpus

        1. The deals are crappy
        2. you get calls from india about 5 times a week in a promotional period
        3. Offers no un-metered content
        4. Under its new plan UPLOADS are counted towards your monthly quota, so just playing online can cost you about 3 gigs a month.

        iinet seems so much better, i gotta see if they have it in my area

    • Andrew, the good news is that the download can typically be much smaller than than the DVD due to the lack of compression often used, the padding, and the redundant data they use on disc in order to speed up load times.

      That’s why the games installed to the drive under the latest XNE release are much smaller than before.

      The BAD news: this is going to cost. It looks like a cheapy game is going to cost US$20. It’s very safe to say that translates to A$30. Some games will probably be priced at $40 (or more).

      So Bioshock will probably be A$30. Probably. Maybe higher at $35. But I bought my copy for $20 at JB, second-hand (and it works just as well as a new one.) So Microsoft are going to have an up-hill battle getting any money from me.

      Where they have advantage is that they can do “weekly specials” at their whim.

      At least they’re FINALLY allowing credit cards for these purchases, instead of the insanely stupid MSP system.

      • i have a tip. upgrade to a better plan. i have 20peak 40offpeak. works fine. queue downloads over night. i use about 5 gb of peak and 35 off peak. its great.

    • From the iiNet Site

      “In partnership with Xbox, iiNet is now offering unmetered Xbox LIVE content on all iiNet broadband plans. This means you can download game demos, trailers, arcade games and console updates without it affecting your monthly quota.

      We’re working hard to include as much Xbox LIVE gaming traffic as possible in the iiNet Freezone. As Xbox LIVE opens you up to players all over the world, this country-hopping traffic becomes very hard to capture and unmeter, so think of any quota-free gaming as a happy bonus to accompany the game updates and demos that will make up the bulk of Xbox LIVE traffic (and these are definitely in the Freezone).”

      So yeah, iiNet offer it…and since its in partnership, I doubt we’ll be seeing anymore ISPs getting unmetered XBL Traffic anytime soon.

    • I think it will and actually see it competing, not with the retailers as this has already been confirmed for NEW titles but perhaps if priced correctly, may actually compete with the preowned and classic titles that are currently in stores. As for the data size, I hear that these are smaller in size than a full game rip (not that I know how to do that) and most popular DL plans these days offer decent amounts anyway…

      • You can also go with Westnet for un-metered Xbox Live! I think iPrimus has the same thing going now.

        Mass Effect is listed as $99.95 on my dashboard, and Call of Duty 2 is $49.95 – A complete rip-off.

    • …or you could just churn to iiNet.

      But yes, a quick search on ebay and all of these titles, including Bioshock can be picked up for anywhere between $10-$30 bucks anyway!

      Why bother when you can have something cheaper, tangible, and thats not tied to your console.

  • Umm.. if it’s $19.95 Us.. it’d have to be at least 25-30…
    … in which case you can buy these games second hand for less…

    • Don’t you mean If something is US$19.95 its AU$50.00??…lol. Thats why Microsoft won’t release the prices until the day.

      I switched to iinet last month, best move I could have made.

      • Nah, $US20 would only be around $AU25-30. Though Microsoft could theoretically jack the Aus prices up for no reason, its not unheard of.

        Also, how big will the downloads be? I have no idea of these type of things.
        Im guessing CoD2 would be smaller than Oblivion, but details would help….

      • I think that was the point being made..
        Converting $US to $AUS is apparently different in the software and hardware world than it is in the currency market world..

  • I’ve probably missed it, but does anyone know the answer to the following questions:

    1. How many times can you download a game after purchase?
    2. Can other player accounts on the same Xbox play these games, or only the purchasing account?
    3. If you transfer your gamertag over to a newer Xbox that you’ve purchased (or rather a friend’s Xbox…) can you redownload that game and play it? And as an extension of the previous question, can only you play it?

    I guess what I’m trying to really ask is can you share games a la Steam? Whether intentional or not, with Steam you can log into a friend’s account, download any single player games, then go into offline mode and continue to play those games at your own leisure.

    And a fact that I didn’t know until recently is that Steam (online play and game downloads) is unmetered on Internode.


    • I assume it’ll work the same way XBLA games work currently.

      a) Anyone on the xbox you bought it on can play it, and
      b) If you move to a seperate xbox and are signed in as your gamertag, you can download it for free and anyone on that xbox can play it, until your gamertag is signed in elsewhere.

  • Perhaps they should also discuss to make content cheaper.

    DLC, IMO is over-priced and with advertising apparently coming, its stupid we still pay the same and fork out all this cash to have advertising slapped in our faces.

    But i also think, after a game and it’s DLC gets old and the RRP of the game decreases, then the DLC should too. Oblivion add-ons should be like 400 instead of 800. Bungie do it right with their map packs being free when they introduce a new one, but suck for making nearly every playlist require all DLC including ones you have to pay for.

  • I noticed Bioshock in the Games on Demand section (assuming it’s there for everyone in the Beta) and it’s $49.95.

  • Wow. So, it’s going to go GREAT guns if they think anyone is stupid enough to fork out $50 bucks for Bioshock. It’s readily available everywhere for >$30 and even cheaper on PC.

    Bodes well doesn’t it…

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