Bindi Irwin Game Has Bad Taste Potential

Bindi Irwin Game Has Bad Taste Potential

bindi irwin packshotUbisoft has just announced a new DS game. It’s called Bindi Presents Big Ocean Adventures.

Part of the Planet Rescue series in association with Australia Zoo and the Irwin family, Big Ocean Adventures “takes players through eight different exploration zones, from the Arctic to the Bahamas, each one with its specific environment and ecosystem, allowing children to learn about safeguarding the planet and protecting the animal kingdom in a fun and interactive way.”

Players will take photos of marine life and rescue endangered species.

“As kids, I believe if we learn more about wildlife and our environment we can make a difference and change the world,” says Bindi, who appears in an introductory video at the start of the game.

It’s out sometime in October.

When contacted, Ubisoft could not confirm the presence of stingrays in the game.


    • Regardless of any poor taste in the article, what I think is generally appalling is the amount of this Bindi Irwin franchise. They can sticker anything with her face nowadays. It’s like a bunch of lawyers just jumped on the mother after Irwin’s death and started convincing them to cash in on potential and make Bindi an icon. It’s kind of wrong IMO.

    • [deadlydorito wrote]”I think they are abusing her father’s death to skyrocket her own popularity.”[/quote]

      Pretending that your sentence even makes sense, I can assure you that Terri Irwin isn’t exploiting her husband’s passing to make Bindi more popular.

      Steve’s death left them with a huge challenge which could have been a crushing burden, and indeed, I think people who jump to New Idea opinions would prefer it if they HAD been crushed it.

      Terri’s tenacity in the face of their misfortune has been astonishing but it is also slightly uncomfortable I think, especially for Australians who do not have the “Success At All Costs” philosophy which is more regular in America.

      On examination, Terri hasn’t crossed any genuine lines but people are alarmed on the back of Michael Jackson’s and other “child-star goes weird” stories. People think all child stars go on to be screw-ups but it is a false statistic – only the screw ups get coverage in your mummies dumb magazines that you sneak a look at.

      I used to work at Australia Zoo btw. They have their issues to be sure, but your statement would be offensive if it weren’t so daft.

      On topic, I bet the game sucks!

      • I have seen her shows in the morning, and I think she makes a rather good host. Great showmanship–probably runs in the family or something. So I highly doubt she needs any extra help as you insinuate. Besides, she does kids shows (and now kids games)–you can shove anything on the tube and kids will swallow it up whole.

  • Bindi Irwin milks her fathers’ fame, and THIS is bad taste?

    Seriously, I hate her, and was never a big fan of him.

    That said, the stingray is the final boss.

    “You killed my father!”

  • Yeah, there’s so much bindi irwin crap around, ‘lets just use the children of famous australians to make as much money as possible.’

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