Giant S&M Chick To Giant Koala: "Attack!!!"

rockstar-wallpaperDesktop wallpaper as seen on the new Rockstar Games website's downloads page.


    Give those guys a new game to work on, they must be bored...

    I can't help but think that this is some sort of clue to something new they're working on.

    Either that or the people at R* are smokin' some serious drugs.

    good old rockstar

    I think they are are doing both.

    It's obviously a hint at Rockstar Table Tennis 2

      I think I can guess what the paddles will be used for...

      Put me down for a preorder

    Actually scratch my last comment. It's a precursor to an announcement that Rockstar will be openning an Australian studio. (ie all the other studios represented by various icons are attacking an Australian icon)

    That's right Wildgoose! You heard it here first!

      I think you might be right. What with the attacking of the koala [Australia] -> Invade -> Set up shop.

    Nooooooooo! Poor Koala :(

    I'd buy this.
    Even if all you had to do was press the space bar to make this picture appear.

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