LunchTimeWaster: Fallout 3 Was A Text Adventure?

reign-of-grelok-picNo, wait, that's not right. There was a text adventure inside Fallout 3? Apparently there was.

Despite my two character playthroughs and over 100 hours spent wandering the Capital Wasteland, I never encountered Reign of Grelok. Apparently it's found on a computer terminal in the Hubris Comics store.

Now it's also found on your browser, courtesy of a remake by Chris Marjason. It's short, as you'd expect from what is essentially an easter egg hidden in Bethesda's RPG, and doesn't require any typing, instead you simply select from a list of canned text options.

But, hey, it's a text adventure inside Fallout 3.

Reign of Grelok [Chris Marjason]


    love fallout 3. nuff said

    Well, I am happy to say i found it myself... I am not one to find this stuff so I am happy.

    Fantastic game that i am still playing DLC. Fantastic!

    I found it, I had to goto hubris for some side quest.... or maybe i was just stumbling around aimlessly.

    My second character found it, after my first character of over 100+ hours totally missed that entire building.

    It's amazing how easy it is to stumble over a brand new area when you play a different character.

      I got about 6 chars and im still finding new stuff....after about 250 hours...

      Its nuts the amount of stuff in that game.

    You are thy dungeonman, you are in thy dungeon exits are north south and dennis.

    I loved the reign of grelok text game although not as funny as thy dungeon man still a good parody of text adventure.

    I found this game and wanted more. :( The irony of playing a game within a game was within me.

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