New Professor Layton Dated For Australia

New Professor Layton Dated For Australia

professor-layton-pandoras-box-packshotNearly two years after its Japanese release—and one month behind the North American launch—Nintendo has dated Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box for Australia.

That date is September 24.

Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box is the second in the logic puzzle-meets-adventure series for DS, following on from last November’s Curious Village outing. It’s known as Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box in North America, or Devil’s Box in Japan.

According to the helpful press release, Layton and his assistant Luke “set out to solve the mystery around the sudden passing of Professor Layton’s friend and mentor Dr. Andrew Schrader. The only clues are a train ticket found at Dr. Schrader’s home, and of course the mysterious Pandora’s Box, which Dr. Schrader had in his possession.”

I loved the Curious Village, so it’s great to see another Layton adventure make its way to our shores. Let’s hope the third in the series—The Last Time Travel, released in Japan late last year—makes it way here sooner rather than later.


  • Who waits for the Australian release for stuff nowadays? I’m already playing the Diabolical Box, but must admit the Yank spelling is annoying.

  • The game is a bit shorter than the first one, still a great story and really hanging out for the next Layton title 🙂

  • I doubt we will be getting layton 3 soon, they’re probably going to keep number 2 out for as long as possible until sales start to drop, being a layton game that will be in a long time =[

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