The Pitch: Bungie Says ODST Is “Ambitious”

The Pitch: Bungie Says ODST Is “Ambitious”

We asked Bungie’s Joseph Staten to sum up Halo 3: ODST is just one word.

The Pitch is where a developer has to answer five quick-fire questions about their game in just 25 words or less. It’s all about their ability to hone down their game to its bare essentials and tell us precisely why we should be interested.

And hopefully, it’s a bit of fun for you guys.

So, lets hand it over to Bungie’s creative director, Joseph Staten. Joe, your time starts now!

Give us the Halo 3: ODST elevator pitch. Big campaign, great original story. Intense new co-operative mode, Firefight. And the Mythic Multiplayer disc. Plus ODST’s your only ticket to the Reach multiplayer beta.

What sort of gamer is gonna dig Halo 3: ODST? Halo veterans eager for a change of pace, tone. ODST is classic Halo, but more hard-boiled, mysterious. Never tried Halo? ODST’s the place to start.

What’s the first awesome thing I’ll do in Halo 3: ODST? Drop from orbit in a one-man, ODST insertion pod. Scream through the atmosphere. Watch the seeming destruction of a futuristic metropolis from above. So buckle-up!

What can I do in Halo 3: ODST that I can’t do in any other game? Few, if any, shooters have large, wide-open, nonlinear environments. The nighttime city of New Mombasa is exactly that: a big mysterious place to explore.

Describe Halo 3: ODST in just one word. Ambitious. Small team, only a year to make it. But ODST’s packed with Halo goodness. Campaign, Firefight, Mythic Multiplayer. This is a proudly Bungie game.

Halo 3: ODST is released at midnight tonight for Xbox 360. How do you think Joe fared? Are you sold on his pitch for ODST? And will you be queueing up at midnight tonight?


  • “What sort of gamer is gonna dig Halo 3: ODST?
    Halo veterans eager for a change of pace, tone. ODST is classic Halo, but more hard-boiled, mysterious. Never tried Halo? ODST’s the place to start.”

    umm… bullshit much?

    “But ODST’s packed with Halo goodness.”

    Is this bungies new catch phrase? All future games will have a cereal-esque sticker on it saying “now with 10% more halo!”

    Previews of this game haven’t wooed me much, neither has halo as a series (yes i love xbox/360 and FPS’s, but no i found nothing special about halo), and this “talk up” doesn’t really do anything to help it. All i see here is a guy basically telling me to buy this game “because it’s halo”.

    • I don’t care that you don’t like Halo as a series, I myself admit that 2 and 3 were pretty average, but to say “there’s nothing special about halo” doesn’t make much sense. Literally EVERY console FPS since Halo: CE has copied something from Halo. Why would anyone copy a series with nothing good about it?

      • People copy (or ‘borrow’) from other games constantly. I’m pretty sure alot of stuff from halo is even inspired by other things, so i fail to see your point.

        Also i never said halo was terrible or anything, i just don’t think it’s as fantastic as everyone says it is, so why are you so defensive when you yourself said 2 and 3 were average.
        Considering most people believe 2 is where it really became something awe inspiring as well…

      • No-one said there was nothing good about Halo, just that there was nothing special.

        And there’s not. The Halo series are definitely solid linear shooters, but outside of that, pretty bland.

        I mean, I’ve played one through to three, and I honestly have no idea what the story’s really about. It’s just not presented in an engaging manner.

        Halo’s a prime example of a strong ludological basis paired with a rather superficial narratological element, and it shows.

        When the game as a package is heavily skewed toward multiplayer, however, a solid shooter is exactly what people want.

        In fact, I’d suspect that a lot of the people not going crazy over Halo most likely prefer single over multiplayer.

    • Your an idiot. Halo as a whole is basically the most popular game in the world. You just suck at it, therefore hate it. Get a job…

    • Well considering most reviews have pegged the campaign at 6 to 7 hours…and 12+ if you plan on doing Legendary seperately.

      Oh and then there is the Halo take on Horde, which seems really fun to play with a few mates.

      Then the complete Halo 3 Multiplayer Experience. Sure its out there, and alot of people will have it already, way I see it is that it clears up HDD space and puts everyone on the same page with Map Packs…

      So yeah I think its close enough in Value to a 99.95 title…maybe could’ve been 79.95 – 89.95 but yeah.

      • JB hi-fi are selling it for $79. and here’s a catalogue floating around with Big W selling it for $68. More than worth it I’d say.

      • Well I’m going off the reviews I read that pegged it at 4-4.5 hours.

        I’ve got Halo 3 with all the multiplayer content. 100 bucks don’t justify freeing up some space on my HDD, and repaying for all that I already paid for.

        $99.95 is the price of a full release, not for 3 new maps, 2 new guns, a new ‘mode’ that’s just Gears in Halo packaging and a short campaign… I still think this is audacious. This should have been DLC pegged more at the $20-$30 mark. It’s no more than an add on.

        As fun as the Halo formula may be, this is definately over priced. I’m renting.

    • I get the strong impression that Bungie weren’t involved in the pricing. When they announced the game they announced it as being budget-priced IIRC. Microsoft probably shat bricks and immediately decided they’d be releasing it at full retail prices.

      • Yep, Microsoft determines the pricing of all the Bungie games they publish. That includes ODST, Halo 3 and all the Halo 3 DLC.

      • yep they determine every thing, the conception of the product, which is based purely on making money, the best way to imbed the product into popular culture, how thinly they can spread the product across a frothing fanbase, and then decide where the big next juicy source of revenue is and realign their focus to that, leaving a wake of sub par software and neglected users

  • This game should not be full priced at all, I feel sorry for Halo fans. They are being royally skrewed by MS.

    But then the franchise is built on over hyped bs, so no real surprise they’d do something like this.

  • Let me clear this up by being blunt.

    I hate Halo. ODST gives me hope for the world it lives in.

    Master Chief is a faceless, soulless abomination of a lead character. The Halo games story telling is all over the place. And the actual gameplay is a very solid example of what happens when you take a simple concept and streeetttch it out. They call it the holy trinity of guns, melee and grenades. They didn’t invent it, they just sanctified it.

    ODST is at least changing the formula a tiny bit. Hell, if they had just left it at being called ODST, it wouldnt have sold as well but it also wouldnt have had the brand comparison to its bigger, uglier brother. Judge the single player game on it’s own merits. If it’s still a tight competent shooter and it tells a good story while it’s at it, then maybe their is hope for the franchise after all.

    • I never knew Halo needed any help.
      While I admit Halo is a very standard shooter.
      What makes it so popular is how refined it is and how easy it is to pickup and score some kills.
      And while the plot is a bit uninteresting I think its a game mostly geared for the multiplayer.

  • I only baught halo 2 and 3 bcoz of the hype, but to be honest these game are sh1t. So 4uck the hype, 4uck you and 4ucj Halo.

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