Hyper Magazine's Mario Wedding

Over the weekend, a friend of Kotaku's got married. In typical gamer style, there was a subtle videogame theme to the special day. Can you spot it?

It was the wedding of Hyper magazine deputy editor Darren Wells. There was a mushroom kingdom cake, question block goodie bags, toadstool candy and, er... Rock Band. They played "Still Alive" for their bride and groom's first jam.

Darren and his lovely wife Amanda are now enjoying their honeymoon at the Black Mesa facility.



    Still Alive?

    I bet the wife's gonna look back on that one and cry for years. Horrible, awful, repetitive song.

      I'm guessing since the whole thing was game-themed, that she's a big gamer too. Sif have stuffy, boring weddings!

      She sang beautifully. And he played well. That's all that counts. :P

        No, the fact that they didn't get 100% on Expert is what counts! :)

    I really hope they left the reception by going down a big green pipe.

      Resisting...urge...to...make...going down pipe wedding night gag....arrggghhh!

    Is it just me or does Darren Wells look a lot like Rick Astley?

    Haha, it kinda hurts to see such a nice cake being butchered at the end. Oh well, awesome stuff.

    Hahaha, can't believe I forgot that this would probably be here!
    Congrats to Darren and Amanga!

    hope they return from black mesa

    My brother did already did that! Same song same cake!

    How unoriginal. :)


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