Rock Band Squier Stratocaster Priced For Australia

Rock Band Squier Stratocaster Priced For Australia

Rock Band Squier Stratocaster Priced For AustraliaThe Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster was released in the US last week, at an RRP of $280US but, considering the franchise’s patchy history in Australia, and the fact that the product was a relatively niche one, we didn’t really expect the controller to get an official release in this country. Turns out we were wrong.

We don’t have an official Australian release date, but the Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster will be sold in this country, along with the Rock Band 3 MIDI box, enabling players to use existing keyboards with the game.

All equipment will be sold through local Fender dealers, meaning you’ll have to venture into Guitar stores, as opposed to game retailers, if you want to buy one. We get the feeling that the amount of guitars Fender brings into the country will depend entirely on the initial demand, and Fender is recommending that gamers place an order at a local Fender dealer to make sure they get hold of one when stock is received.

The prices are as follows:

Squier Rock Band 3 Guitar – $349 R.R.P. MIDI Box – $60 R.R.P.

Considering the fact that the Guitar costs $280US, we’re actually quite surprised at the price. It is, after all, a fully functioning Guitar – not just a plastic toy. You can actually plug it into an amp and get your Marty McFly on.

Despite the fact that I haven’t played Rock Band 3 anywhere near as much as I expected to, I’m still seriously thinking about picking one of these up – what about you guys? Are you over Rock Band yet? Anyone considering getting the Squier Strat?

Thanks to Darren Verey for the tip.


    • Despite the fact that it’s only a Squier and not a real Fender, $350AUD is an absolute bargain for a MIDI-equipped guitar. Even if you have no interest in Rock Band 3, this would be great fun to mess around with if you can already play guitar and are interested in home recording.

      • Eh, not really when you can pick up Berhringer USB compatible Midi Guitars for less than 240 bucks & they’re pretty decent for what they are.

        • The Behringer guitars only have an audio interface built in. This Squier model has a MIDI interface, which is what intrigues me: most guitar-MIDI systems (pickup and converter) cost more than this guitar does.

      • The Ausie price is great. I just found the New Zealand price of NZ$599 and NZ$89 for the midi controller. Probably the most expensive in the world. The rest of the world should consider itself lucky. They also have an eta of May.

  • I bought RB3 on release with a keyboard and played for a few days. Somewhere between my guitar controller breaking and me realising that the keyboard controls were only for one hand I just lost interest.

    It’d be nice to have something to spark me into playing again, I do love me some Rock Band, but a $350 guitar won’t do the trick.

  • Yeah im over RockBand BUT im over it in the sense of plastic instruments (excluding drums). i really want to learn guitar but i know i wont go to lessons and i need structure so i think for me personally RB3 pro is quite possibly the best possible way that I can learn guitar.

    i too am surprised at the $350, it is so close to the US $280 that i will now buy local instead of importing it.

    sucks that i still need to pay $60 for the midi adapter though.
    jumping over the $400 barrier makes a huge psychological difference to me

    • You don’t need the MIDI adapter for the guitar. The MIDI adapter allows you to plug *other* MIDI-capable instruments into the game, eg electric drum set, proper full-sized keyboard.

  • Yeah, I pre-ordered one last week.

    If your local Fender dealer is having trouble putting a pre-order through, tell them that the product code for the guitar is 034.8000.506 The PS3 midi box is 009.0840.000

    They are quoting late April as an ETA

  • I don’t want this guitar, I just want the normal Rock Band 3 guitar. Which is difficult to find. Ever since my Rock Band 2 guitar broke I haven’t been playing much. The Guitar Hero guitars’ necks are too thick to be comfortable for me.

    • there wasn’t an actual “rock band 3” guitar (if you don’t count that weird Mad Catz trillion-button guitar thing). The only new instruments were the keyboard, and the Pro drum extenders

  • That is a ridiculously good price all things considered, but it won’t be enough for me to buy in.

    I just know that I am simply not co-ordinated enough to get any good. I’ll stick to my 5 buttons of fun thanks!

  • Hmm Now I’m tempted, I have wanted to learn guitar for a while now this could be something which could get me started.

    At the very least I end up with a neat rb3 guitar

  • This is a must-buy for me! As a dedicated Rock Band fan I’m all up to learning Guitar with the Squire through RB3’s tutorials. If things turn out nicely I’ll probably turn to lessons with a pro.

  • Off to place three orders now… one for me and two for my mates.

    Now if only they’d get around to buying the damn game…

  • What a surprisingly good price.
    Since BestBuy #@$%ed up my order, I guess I’ll grab one locally… the only question is: when are they coming out here? =\
    I’m very close to putting an order down for one from a German place that ships internationally at the end of this month… hmmmmz… more info needed =(

  • I wonder what I can get for the squire I bought about 12 years ago that cost $400, back in the DAY.
    gonna get this, teach the kids to play, its like reading eggs for ROCK

  • So we’ll need the guitar AND the midi adapter to play with RB3?
    Will the fender dealers be getting the midi adapter as well or will those go to game retailers?

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