Who Won Those King Of Fighters XII PS3 Prizes?

Last week we ran a comp for you to win SNK's King Of Fighters XII collectors edition. Let's find out who the four PS3 winners were.

We asked you to prove you are the true "king of fighters" by sending in a mock screenshot of the game. The catch is that you had to feature in said screenshot.

We've already picked the four Xbox 360 winners. Now it's time for the four PS3 winners, who each take home that snazzy collectors edition pictured up there. You guys are clearly all mad.

Here's Alana M and her... uh... I don't know what's going on here.

kof alana m ps3

Marc C is equally dosed up on the insanity.

kof marc c ps3

Ben M is a giant among plush toys.

kof ben m ps3

And finally, Joy D might wish his Princess was in another castle...

kof joy d ps3 1

Joy's entry continued across a raunchy seven panel sequence culminating in this rather sticky end.

kof joy d ps3 2

Congrats everyone. I'll be in touch soon to organise delivery of your prizes.


    wtf is that a trap?

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