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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Whats the deal with HL2 Episode 3?
    Whena re we going to see something about it?

      I can only speculate, but my hunch is that we'll see it next year. Valve will not doubt want to get a game out in 2010 and Ep. 3 seems like the best bet. One could speculate even further and suggest that L4D2 was hastily conceived when they realised Ep. 3 wouldn't be ready to ship this year.

    1. What was the last thing you heard about Aliens: Colonial Marines? Now that Gearbox have finished up with Borderlands, doesn't it stand to reason they'll go full steam ahead on it?

    2. Is there a valid reason why this Wikipedia entry should exist?

      I was almost expecting to see "Created: DWildgoose" on the History page for a second there ;)

      1. Assuming Rebellion's Aliens Vs Predator is out early next year, expect Colonial Marines to follow at least six months later. Both are SEGA published titles and they'll want to space them apart.

      2. Ubisoft hasn't announced a new Far Cry at this stage. I assume that Wiki entry is solely based on the cited quote from Patrick Reddings. (But yes, there will inevitably be a Far Cry 3.)

        1. I finished Far Cry 2 earlier this year. Is it reasonable for me to be deeply disappointed by the ending?

        2. Far Cry 3 in space. Instead of villages, space stations. Instead of jeeps, spaceships. Instead of hangliders that don't work properly, space hangliders. Would you be open for the series to go in this mind-bendingly awesome direction?

          1. Absolutely not. It ended the only way it possibly could, with the excision of the last remaining parasites. (Although, admittedly, one choice seemed more fitting than the other.)

          2. I aplaud the boldness of your suggestion. But it is quite mad. Far Cry 3 will be set in Africa...

            I really hope they actually work on the open world system this time. I read an interesting article in PC powerplay ages ago, that proposed the idea that the Jackal should have existed somewhere in the far cry 2 universe, and that it should have been possible for you to collect information and track him down at your own pace, instead of the linear complete mission -> advance story formula they have gone with

    that was really random... it was telling me i was signed in as 'sam bruce', and i only just turned to work computer on... when i clicked 'log out' an Alure Media password Pop Up came on screen... Might want to check that out dave.. might be a bit of a glitch...

    On to the question,

    Do you think if gamers were more pro active that we would be able to obtain our R18 that much quicker? I mean all anyone seems to do is complain, and people like me want to get out and do something other than write stern letters, but wouldn't know where to start.
    I noticed this R18 movement has a serious lack of leadership. No one impressive industry figure is standing up and rallying the troops. I'd be assuming this would be because the games industy, at the end of the day, is still making it's millions so isn't too worried about ratings over sales...

    What, in your opinion, needs to be done? What way should this be tackled, as letters don't seem to get anyone anywhere

      It's a sad fact but I have been told repeatedly that the big retailers don't actually want an R18 rating. Because most of the time the games get trimmed to make it MA15+ which is a MUCH MUCH larger market. Basically the game would sell less if the kids could not pick it up. I'm not kidding, this is true. It's not really in their interests to push for R18.

      the problem with politics is its the conservatives that rise to power, if you argue too strongly on an issue you isolate yourself from voters who are against that issue.

      pushing for an R18+ catagory of games goes against conservative and family groups who would prefer to see violent media in all forms banned entirely. groups far more political and irritable then gamers.

      I'd like to add to that question actually...

      Do you think (or anyone else thinks) that developers can do something about this too? AFAIK none of the developers in Australia are making games that should be R18+ but should we start some kind of a lobbying from the 'creator's perspective?

      Hire a Hitman :P

    My burning question is...

    Where is the "Tales of Vesperia (PS3) getting english release - 100%" news????

      That news is coming - 100%!

    give me a prizeeee

      put a haiku in the tekken thread, and if it's good enough david would be more than happy to prize you up :)

      Thats a request, not a question =P

      You'll need to leave that comment in the Ask Me For Stuff post.

    oh, also has there been any further news on this warhammer 40k RPG i've been hearing about, or is it just a rumor at this point?

      It's definitely not a rumour. THQ's 40K MMO has been in development for a couple of years now. Expect production to ramp up once Vigil ships its current project, Darksiders, in early January.

    In regards to the recent issues and black-listing of games such as:
    -Borderlands being delayed on Steam
    -Dragon Age killing steam clients
    -CoD4: Modern Warfare 2 delayed on steam
    -and D2D dropping CoD4:MW2 from it's catalogue due to the Steam DRM

    Do you foresee a drop in use of digital distribution systems and a return buying from local retailers?

    Sega Australia announced that "select retailers" will be giving a Scarborough Fair gun replica with preorders of the Bayonetta Climax Edition. My question is who are the "select retailers"?

      Select retailers is often code for "we're still in discussion". SEGA weren't able to confirm the exact retailers nor the RRP this morning. Expect to see it at the usual EB, JB, etc.

    This isn't something about the industry, this is about Kotaku.

    Is there any way to sort the news on the Australian version of Kotaku so that the Aussie news is listed first, before the US news? At the moment, there is such a barrage of US news hitting the site overnight that it's often difficult to keep track of the relevant Aussie stuff, and sometimes it gets buried to page 3 or 4 before you even know it's there. Take this story: - I didn't even see that yesterday despite the fact I checked the site not long after the timestamp says it was posted. I check the site this morning and it's already relegated to page 5!

    Is it possible to sort the Aussie news from the US news better for the Aussie version of the site?

      Easy one, Michael. There are two ways to do this:

      1. Subscribe to the Kotaku AU-only RSS using

      2. Filter AU posts by clicking on the Aussie flag or the "au" tag on any Australian post. Or just use

    How are you feeling about Deus Ex 3?

      Hesitant, sceptical, anxious, dubious, cautious yet absolutely fascinated to see what they end up doing with it.

      I would be amazed if it turns out to be a great game, but I desperately want to play it.

    David, do you know any other online sites (IGN/Gamespot/etc) or magazines that are looking for a junior writer?

    So the game servers of The Beatles: Rock Band is still down for PS3 (12 days or so now). Who do you think is to blame? Harmonix, EA or Sony?

      They're fixed! Yay!

    PLEASE, can you just PLEASE tell me about the PC version of modern warfare 2. I've waded through about 50 reviews of the xbox 360/ps3 version that could not kiss enough ass, i just want to know if all the stuff they left out of the PC version works or doesn't

    can you ask trend micro to kindly f- off and stop spamming our most favouritest website in the whole wide world with needless bombs ?!?! it freezes my browser!!!

      Which browser and version are you using?

    Is there any word yet on Blaze Blue getting an australian release?

      Not yet!

      Ben I suggest you give dungeon crawl a call in Melbourne. They had heaps of copies last time I was in there. They might agree to send it to you if you live somewhere else.

        Keep in mind, only if you have a PS3! The xbox 360 version is region locked

        Unfortunately, that'll only work if he's after the ps3 version. The 360 version is region locked, which screws me out of importing.

        I just hope that if we're going to get it, 505 Games don't release it here. They removed about a 3rd of the replayability out of Battle Fantasia (Arc System Works' game prior to BlazBlue) by removing all branching paths from the Story mode, as well as removing all Japanese vocal dialogue from the same mode and didn't replace it with anything (this bit doesn't effect replayabilty, but is just pointless as in-battle dialogue is still in Japanese). Sure, we'd have online multi to fall back on for replayability, except that everyone else in the world got the game a little bit before SFIV was released, and are completely over it now.

        *Sigh* I should just give in and buy a ps3...

    This one may have been covered already, but I was wondering if the rise in prices of games (at EB especially) from $100 to $110 and increasingly to $120 is them passing on the increased cost from publishers, distributors etc to keep their margins, or is it them just raising the price to increase their margins just because they can? JB usually sells new releases for $80-$100, so I was curious for the reason for the discrepancy

      I work at a major retailer and I can tell you we sell them at recommended retail prices. That is, the price the publisher tells us it. We price match to JB and we hardly cover cost. I think we make 10 bucks selling a game for 90 instead of 30 bucks for 110 or something like that.

    David, are you aware of what's going on with the last three Halo 3 maps and whether they're going to appear on the marketplace any time soon?

    I know they're part of the ODST package and all, but as a completionist I don't believe I should need to buy a new game in order to finish an old one (not to mention one that was unable to be completed for over a year, achievement wise anyway). That and the first round of Mythic maps popped up on the marketplace not too long after Halo Wars was released. As far as I know Bungie haven't said a thing about it, so thought I may as well ask here.

    If not, it's not too much of a drama, I'm too busy playing Uncharted 2 anyway.

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