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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    hey dave! ive got an american playstation store account along with my local one and i was wondering if its possible for me to purchase things from the american store using my credit card?


      Hi Max. I'm afraid it's only possible if you're Credit Card's billing address is in the USA. If not, you need to purchase a PSN card from the states. These are always marked up to some degree but if you really want to get one, I recommend

        I'm usually a bit of a spelling nazi so I have to correct myself here.

        "I’m afraid it’s only possible if YOUR Credit Card’s billing address is in the USA"

      I've heard that you can use those pre-paid visa cards too, as they aren't associated with a billing address.

    Ok, so I'm going to ask you David, what is it that attracted you to a career in journalism? Was is purely that you loved games and thought, meh, I could write about them I guess... Or, was it that you have always had the desire to be in journalism, be it newspapers, tv, radio, etc.
    I guess what I'm asking is, whats in your heart? What career would you be doing, if you were not with Kotaku??

    Ok, now don't get me wrong here, and I'm probably way out of line. Its just that this R18 debate is (with all due respect to the Gamers4Croydon party) going nowhere fast. I certainly don't have the balls to do anything about it (although I have emailed our SA friend twice). But this needs to be fed somehow into the mainstream media. I guess since your the only guy I know in the media, perhaps I'm unfairly asking you. But I could see you making a bigger name for yourself in journalism by taking this story to the people. Obviously I don't want you to leave Kotaku, I hang for your posts all day every day, but perhaps you have contacts to let you get a column in a newspaper or something??

    (I'll get back in my box now)

      Always wanted to be a journalist/critic, whether that was games, music, film, art, whatever. As for the second part of your question, I tend to figure it's my job to report on the news, not go out there and make it.

    Hi David, Just wondering if there have been anymore rumours about if and when the two Grand Theft Auto IV expansions may hit the PS3? Thanks.


      Haven't finished GTAIV yet, but really hanging out for when this is announced.

      Considering Microsoft co-funded the development (technically, they gave Rockstar an advance), I'd be very surprised if Episodes... ever appeared on another platform.

    and if not is there another solution?

    I never really got a sufficient explanation as to why Rock Band 2 was never released in Oz. Any ideas? All I've ever heard is "mumble...licensing...mumble".

    In other news, I tried out the Zune video marketplace this morning and it's HD STREAMING ALL DAY BABY!

      I don't have the answer for you, but it was released in the UK *ages* ago. I imported a PAL copy earlier in the year, for a final cost of approx $90. The band improvements, challenge modes and massive set list (after importing all of RB1's songs) made it well worth it.

      If you do take this route, I can confirm that the US version will NOT work, so don't get that one by mistake!

      I know the import option doesn't excuse the lack of local release, but it may be the only choice you ever have!

    Max Skelton, I used this service called Entropay when purchasing stuff on the US PSN store.

    I basically works like a Debit Card, you add money to it and it registers as a US Debit Card when ever you use it to purchase things.

    As you know if you try to use an Australian Debit/Credit Card with the US PSN it will reject you.

    I haven't really used it in 6 months time so I'm not sure if going so far is still a requirement to access the US PSN content, but check it out.


      Entropay hasn't worked with US PSN accounts since I got my Entropay account last September :(

    Any chance you could find out why Zombie Apocalypse hasn't been released on the Australian PSN.

    It was released to all other PAL territories a few weeks ago.

      I've had to ask Konami about this. Will update when I hear back.

    Why has Borderlands disappeared from the Australian Steam store?

      ^^^ this
      I was going to buy it sometime this week, having just finished exams, but now it seems that I'm going to have to wait or pay retail, which I am not really willing to do.

      Chasing this up with 2K right now...

    Hey David - any word on the Rockstar Game LA Noire? It looks like a 50s/60s GTA, but I haven't heard much about it at all for something that looks that awesome.

      Only word is that it is still in development here in Sydney. Rockstar has given no indication of a release date, nor when we'll next hear something about it. I wouldn't expect to hear much until Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 are done.

    Hi Dave

    So there are no Dedicated Servers in MW:2 (i don't care i get my game on anways) where are the multiplayer matches hosted? a grey data centre somewhere? hidden in ISP's? Inside the Ocarina of Time?

      Pretty sure its peer hosted ala xbox live - look for the guy with 0 ping and he's your host

      It's hosted with listen servers, IE: One of the players in the game hosts it, it could be you, but it will most likely be the guy in Azerbaijan which will make you all lag to fuck

      The way they determine host is the most retarded way possible: based off the ping response between you and the matchmaking server. Which is in the US. So if you're in a game with one guy from the US and say 7 from Australia, expect the US guy to be serving.

    Hey, any word on why we don't get on the 360 from Microsoft?

    I was annoyed but understood about Netflix, but can there really be any good reason for this?

      its all about managing expectations. If they deliver something to Australians day 1 then Australians start to expect everything day 1 which they can't provide so they build in artificial delays....

      There probably is no reason whatsoever other then bullshit.

        OMG! That is the first reasonable explanation i have heard on this... and the most probable. Licensing, my arse.

        You can shove your Facefuck up your Shitter on a games console, Last.FM though.....

        Thanks Choc, i get it now.

    Heavy Rain has pased the OFLC with MA15+!OpenDocument

    Dave, can you find out if its uncut, as Quantic Dream had mentioned they expected issues in Australia

      If it has no chopped limbs, corpse-littered ground & riot cop it should be fairly uncut (or not at all)

      Although the 'adult themes' might get cut down if it contains sex, cause sex is so much worse than violence.

    Hey David

    Any general news about Infinity Ward's dwindling reputation with international gamers? With no dedicated PC servers, no Local host matching on Xbox 360 in Australia and ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE from IW/Activision on any of these issues, surely they must be taking a big hit?
    Talk about disappointed.

      Hasn't MW2 been like the biggest selling... anything, in all of history? I doubt they're sweating too much.

      I agree though, no ded servers sucks.

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