Street Date Smash: Dragon Age Arrives Prematurely

Reports have been flooding in to the Kotaku tips line saying that Dragon Age: Origins has gone on sale two days early. We've heard EB is already selling it.

If you've scored yourself a copy, let us know in the comments.

[Thanks Kai, Nicholas and everyone else who tipped us.]


    Got a call from local EB thismorning; they have it in and they want me to pick up my copy.

    Can confirm this! friend here at work just picked it up from a Sydney EB, goes ands gets it peeps!!

    I'm guessing i'm not lucky enough to have the PS3 version out yet :P

    I just called all three EB stores in central Melbourne and they told me they are not getting it in until tomorrow morning. Shucks.

    are they open in melbourne today, with the cup and all?


    Yep, EB Booragoon in Perth is selling it.

    Most of the stores in Melbourne are open, but they tell me the public holiday has stuffed the deliveries so they wont get it until tomorrow morning.

    Just rang JB Bourke street. The guy said they won't be selling it til Thursday :(

    Gonna take a wild guess my Steam copy isn't going to 'break street date'. Eh, just gives me more time to play Forza 3- up to the 5th year of career!

    So has anyone found a melb store with a shipment?

      Does not look good mate.

        yeah no go with any stores as far as i can see, i called a couple of EB's and JB's in Melbourne and Shepparton, because of cup day they reckon they wont have it until tomorrow.

    Nice, no EB stores in QLD are selling today regardless of there interstate stores. And no-one can confirm that the PS3 version is launching on the 5th to coincide with the N/A 02/11/09 date, has anyone else heard if PS3 is launching on the 5th?

      PS3 version is out on November 19.

    I never understood why game nerds care so much about 'street dates' being broken. who cares?

      It depends on how much you love games and how much you have been looking forward to playing a specific game. I have been waiting for Dragon Age for so long now even a few days early is cause for excitement.

    Perth City store in Carrillion Arcade has it

    Most GAME Stores should have it today! A little birdie told me that all stock was shipped out of the warehouse yesterday with no street date!

    So "Get into GAME"!

    @dragoon - You're commenting on a videogame news article, on a videogame news site, and you're calling other people 'game nerds'?

    I'd start some tough guy talk, but stuff it, I just won money on the Cup and I've got a game I've been looking forward to earlier than I expected.

    Broken street dates FTW.

    Picked it up from EB in Brisbane.

    Most EA games are not street dated.


    I remember these things.

    When I worked at Harveys, the EA rep once told us we could start selling EA games as soon as our stock arrived.

    My EB (strathpine, QLD) were selling it but were out of eollector's editions

    However they are selling it via the website so I've ordered and chose express shipping so hopefully it will be here tomorrow or thursday :)

    I actually went to JbHifi yesterday because i needed to get the preorder bonuses and what do i see T__T no advertising at all for dragon age and when i get the pre order form back it says release date 1/12/09 o_o

    man i can't wait to pick up a copy >.<

    Called my local JB in Melbourne, and was told they will NOT be breaking embargo. Sad panda.

    Picked up xbox copy from Garden City EB (QLD) no problems. Loving the game!

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