Vote For Australia’s First Golden Joystick

Vote For Australia’s First Golden Joystick

golden joystickThe Golden Joysticks are a staple of the UK games industry and the biggest popularly-voted games awards. Now they’re coming to Australia and you can have your say right now.

Head on over to the Australian Golden Joystick Awards site to cast your vote for the best Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 games of the year, as well as the best retailer in the country. (No PC award? PC gamers lose again!)

The awards run from Sept 2008 to Sept 2009, which accounts for the inclusion of Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 and LittleBigPlanet among the nominees. Fallout 3 actually took out the overall prize at the UK awards, as we reported recently.

I cast my votes just now, for De Blob, Batman, Batman and JB Hi-Fi. Where did your votes go?


  • Why the hell isnt Gametraders on there? Theyre even cheaper than Big W at launch, cheap pre orders, AWESOME specials, trade ins (big w doesnt have). Not only that ITS AUSTRALIAN OWNED. Anyway,,, I vited for JB. Big W has cheap specials but too many times Ive come up against stupid female checkout girls in the electronic entertainment area who dont know ANYTHING let alone TRY to help you. “Do you have any Batman Arkham Asylum on PS3 left?” “I dont think so” *checks shelf- they are there” — “Hey do you have any PSP GOS left?” “No were sold out” “Oh ok can I get a reincheck?” “No” “Can I be notified when they are in?” “sure leave your number” — *A week later without any call I go into Big W* “Hey how long have you had these PSP GOS in?” “Oh about a week”. Bl**dy slack b***hes I tell you! Not only that but MANY MANY more instances.

    • I agree. The choices are awful. I don’t understand why Big W is there, they’re no specialists. They may as well put Toys ‘R’ us, Target, Kmart etc.
      Where’s the other catagories? They should include all consoles that are still getting new releases.
      As for all you PC fans, almost all console games are made on PC’s, I don’t know why they didn’t add it =[

  • Okay, so the awards count from about this time last year to now. So, that explains the presence of Fallout 3 and de Blob.

    But… where’s Gametraders? Sure, Game has the nicest staff, but Gametraders has a more nerdy staff, like me, so I relate better. And they import games.

    THEY should be retailer of the year.

  • How can thee be no PC award? It’d be fine if it specified itself as a ‘console award’ but it doesnt.

    Its like having an art show but disregarding sculptures.

  • D: WAT!?
    PC GETS OMITTED!?!?!?! *shakes fist*
    After spending over $4000 on my computer, this is how I get rewarded…. Hardware manufacturers should pressure software developers more.

  • Pretty uninspired nominations. I’m not sure we need any more award systems that serve only to entrench the year’s biggest budget, best marketed titles. A good award nominations list should make people think, ask questions, and consider issues that they wouldn’t have otherwise turned their mind to.

    And yes, Gametraders should have been on the list.

    • Then what would you have them put in then? and no Idie games will have to be in its own category.

      Batman AA had terrible boss fights and a poor ending, Fallout3 was just crap.

  • Little Kings Story
    Fallout 3
    Big W

    Only went with Big W because of all those cheap ass games I picked up at that sale a week or so back. Otherwise I import most of my stuff.

    No PC, DS or PSP is weird though.

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