Yes, Final Fantasy XIII Has An Aussie Release Date, Too

Over the weekend we heard Final Fantasy XIII would be out in North America on March 9. We also heard it would be out in Europe on March 9. Guess when it's out in Australia?


No, wait!

Ah yes, here it is... March 9. Yep, we're getting a Square Enix RPG at the same time as the US. In fact, we're getting it a few hours before the US. Amazing.

Ubisoft, the Australian distributor for Square Enix, announced today the game would ship on both PS3 and Xbox 360 in Australia and New Zealand on - yes - March 9.

That is March 9, 2010, just in case you're wondering.


    I just booked in annual leave for the 2 weeks after that ^_^

      Mate, you're awesome. I so need to do this too :D

      I too have seriously considered doing this as well

      Heheh Taking work time off to play ffs heheh. Thats such a me thing to do. Funily enough. Even though I like other games only ffs are the ones I'd do that with (fanboy much)

    There goes my birthday money =P Can't wait to pick this one up for my 360 since it's the only console I have (would love to get a PS3 though for Heavy Rain).



    I'm so excited I think I just peed a little !

    I almost stopped reading when you said September. But it is good that we are getting this game the same time as everyone else.

    However, if something is not done about the price, I'm importing.

      Hey Dude praying the ecomomy doesn't decide to have sex with it self again and screw it self over you can get it from here For about $70Australian with postage its sweet so unless its like 80 bucks when its hits our shores here hello import and it take like 7-14 days to get here

    I would be excited if it didn't clash with Heavy Rain.

    I was planning on going on holiday early next year. Note to self: be back on or shortly after March 9.

    Excellent timing actually, my Mum's birthday so I would have had to be back in Australia anyway!

    I just have little faith in Final Fantasy anymore. It's been on a downward spiral and SE's attempts to westernize it with the obvious generic character stereotypes in this title have just made it look worse.

      Final Fantasy XII was sublime!

      Hrmm, i am trying to think of a time when Final fantasy did not have generic character stereotypes, and for the record i see nothing western about those characters.

    Wow, I'm actually really surprised, I was ready to cry import and go to play-Asia

    To buy or not to buy.. I must admit I spent many, many, hours on Final Fantasy's VII through X.. from there my interest and ability to stick at it severely wained..

    I'd have never ever expected a Final Fantasy to be released here at the same time (well ahead of techincally as Dave mentioned) as America. Good to see the boundries between NTSC and PAL release dates fade away in recent times.

    I'm hesitant to buy it on the day it comes out with all the gameplay changes (didn't like FFXII changes at all) but knowing me, I probably will.

    yay! i can finally use the $100 voucher my friends got me for FFXIII at the start of this year!!! :)

    Ubisofts year next year! In Australia anyway. Does Square Enix publish in America or Ubisoft the same there too?

    Why are people complaining about the price - i'm not aware of the RRP of the STANDARD edition in America and what it translate into in AU dollars. Is it much more than $100 or something?

    If so, thats ridiculous. MW2 is much more anticipated and bigger game than this. It will sell more than XIII aswell. For them to jack the price up more than what other games sell at is just a waste.

    awesome, definitely buying this when it comes out, on the PS3 that is

    a day before my birthday =D

    March 9? How convenient, I now know what to get my dad for his bday! Isnt God of War III supposed to come out on March 10? CONFLICT!

      Oh no, you just destroyed my dream of a perfect FFXIII week! This boils down to whose chest I'd like to see more: Snow or Kratos.

    Oh shit, even if i buy it i won't have the time to play it untill the end of next year.


    Take that Americans! That's the second game I'll be getting before you bastards bwahahaha! =D

    I 100% believed you when you said September.

    So that's fantastic news that we're actually getting it a tiny bit earlier than the US! For once we're not getting jipped time-wise and won't have to import. Ubisoft has gotten it right. Let's hope the price won't be so wrong either.

    totally awesome! really excited for this game!

    lol you nearly had me with the september comment there :P

    I wish I could take some time off Uni to play this though... Uni starts on the 1st or 2nd of March for me I think :P

    My birthday is march 21, maybe I can get a PS3! Unlikely, alas. :)

    apparently you can buy from HK on Ebay already

    Nearly had me with September
    As for price who really cares i have waited like everyone else for over three years for this game if it $120.00 i will pay it gladly.
    We want better quality on games so who care about price
    As for final fantasy X11 that was one of the best final fantasy's i have played so far if you didn't like it you need to use gambits better. hunts were heaps of fun. it went back to the good old days with final fantasy 9.

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