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This review was submitted by Ben Hauser. If you’ve played A Boy and His Blob, or just want to ask Ben more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

A Boy and His Blob (Wii)

A re-imagining of the classic NES title of the same name (though missing the subtitle of 'Trouble on Blobonia,' which I think was a very good move), A Boy and His Blob is a perfect example of 2D platform puzzling done right.


Hug Button: You can press up on the d-pad of the Wii Remote to trigger a heart warming in-game hug. Though it has no use, it's easily the best function of any button in a videogame, ever.

The Look: Everything in-game looks so crisp. The hand-drawn characters and backgrounds look, quite frankly, amazing. The lighting is something to take note of, illumination from objects like fires and lamps just go that far in adding to the overall look of the game. It may not have the best graphics technology, but it damn sure looks as good as any game I've ever seen.

Excellent Puzzles: With few exceptions, the puzzles are extremely well thought out, some even offer multiple solutions depending on which of the blobs transformations you want to use. Why float slowly using a blob parachute, when you could hop on a blob rocket and speed through with style?


Constant Hand-holding: The game has quite a bad habit in telling you when to use certain blob transformations, specifically when it's painfully obvious which you need to use.

Annoying AI: The blob's AI will constantly lag behind you, and sometimes gets stuck in place, which can only be remedied by repeatedly pushing C until he self-transforms into a balloon and floats to you.

While it's nothing revolutionary in the world of gaming, if you miss out on the experience of A Boy and His Blob, you'll be, well, missing out. And if you still aren't convinced, I have just two words for you: 'Hug Button'.

Reviewed by: Ben Hauser

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    Hug Button!

    Its quite a hard game to find. Out of the whole of Marion Shopping Centre only Target had it. Not only that but it was ofcourse full price. Snagged it off ebay for 50 bucks. Its probarbly the cutest game ive ever played but that doesnt undermine the creativity and fun platforming. The hug button made me wish I had someone to hug lol.

    So your saying there won't be a copy of a gorgeous game many of us remember fondly from our NES days which has gotten many positive reviews at EB?

    I found my copy at Myer of all places, but apart from there I've only seen it occasionally at JB Hifi.

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