WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

Wanna see some of the crap we're giving away to one lucky Kotaku reader? Let's delve into the pile and take a look.

As you should know, we're giving away a big pile of crap. I get sent loads of gaming swag throughout the year and, by December, my desk is cluttered with all sorts of crap. So, to clear it out, I'm giving it all away to the reader who provides the most consistently thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year.

Of course, when I say "crap" I don't really mean that. There's plenty of cool stuff in the Pile of Crap. Stuff like this: a Borderlands satchel; a Spongebob DS case; an Alan Wake Xbox 360 faceplate; and a whole bunch of PlayStation 3 games (see if you can make out their titles). So, what do you think: cool or crap?

Oh, and stay tuned for more pics from the Pile of Crap this week.

pile of crap 091221


    Oh sweet jesus...

    Holy crap that Spongebob Squarepants DS case is scary.
    That's the sort of thing you wake up to in the middle of the night and see it staring at you, and you pee your pants a little.

      Everything Spongebob is scary

      Holy Crappity crap.
      That Borderlands satchel is the the king of that pile of crap.

      Correction: "..pee your Squarepants a little."

    Whoooaahh that Borderlands satchel is HELLA COOL!! *puts hands up for a possible freebie*

    Yea, Kotaku are right, pile of crap mostly, i do feel sorry for the (un)lucky individual who receives it all.

    I see a Sonic Unleashed there. Surely that's incentive NOT to try and win this competition?

    Ah Sir Wildgoose, how could you be in the most unfortunate of impositions of having your desk "cluttered", when quite frankly I'd be honoured to have but just a morsel of that of which you are giving away.

    I've got a table with a crooked leg at home. Perhaps the Spongebob DS case could be used to prop it up?

    I only have a 360 so I'd find a friend and give them the PS3 games IF I were here. My family and I are going to see our cousins in 2 days on the Sunshine Coast so I won't be reading for about 2 and a half weeks which means maybe somewhere between 95 and 130 pages I'll miss and I won't be reading them.

    Well, apart from the Sonic Unleashed game at the back, we have a few I managed to pick out... Heck, I'm bored, let's make it a fill-in-the-blanks game.

    _ai_t'_ __w _
    _r___e__ I_ __m_: _e__'_ H_g___y
    _h__n _h_t_ S___b____i_g
    __p__m_ _o___n__r

    No cheating by looking at the high-res image, now! :-P

      I got Saints Row 2, Shaun White snow boarding and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. I don't get High Res because my computer is old.

    Those PS3 discs, are they what media get to review games? What's the deal with them? Are they the final cut version, only a few levels for reviewing? Tell us more about that reviewing procedure... dowit, dowit.

      They're what are known as "promo" discs. Publishers send them to media and also use them for various promotional activities. It's the full game, exactly as you'd buy it from retail, but just in a thin case to reduce costs.

        And how far advance do you get these discs ahead of release date? Do they come with a non disclosure agreement as well?

          Anywhere from the day of launch to maybe up to a fortnight beforehand. NDAs and embargoes vary from title to title; the higher the profile of a particular title, the more stringent the NDA.

            So the purpose being to have a review ready for release date, or screenshots and videos? On average how early would you get a promo disc for a given game?

        Oh, that makes sense now.

    Saints Row 2
    Shawn White Snowboarding

    I'll photoshop the pic to make out the others

    Brothers in arms hells highway

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam?

      Well this is getting exciting!
      I see Saints Row 2, Shawn White's Snowboarding, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, SoulCalibur 4 by Namco, Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 2 by Koei, Sonic Unleashed. I think I see SOCOM: Confrontation and I see a Universal Pictures logo on one, so after a googling session I'm guessing, Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

      Also that Rectangularbob DS Case is freaky. lol

    This makes me want to win this comp so much more, because i'mm pretty much a broke full time uni student with no 360, a crappy PC and a PS3 so yea this would make my day

    Mmm if this is only the tip of the iceberg im keen on the rest... That borderlands manbag is pretty cool. But you could slap borderlands logo on a pencil sharpener and it would make that cool too

      Why is it called a manbag? I'd switch out my everyday handbag for a chance to use a Borderlands satchel.

    Is it just me, or do all those PS3 games look the same? Or is there something I'm missing?

      They're supposed to look the same. They've all got different games though, don't worry :)

    I am SO in for the race to grab this stuff. The only thing that I don't mind get destroyed in the process is the DS case... and the face plate!

    Interested to see what is contained in the rest of the swag. No PS3 for me, so some lucky PS3 endowed friend of mine would receive a bundle of late xmas presents.

    I'd give the Spongebob DS case to a child prone to nightmares.

    That namco game has me scratch my head, Either time crisis or soulcalibur

    That Spongebob case alone is worth winning. Too bad my DS Phat won't fit in it :(

    The only thing I would really want from that 'pile of crap' would be the satchel as I need one for my course next year. Ive been looking around but haven't found one that suits me; but that Borderlands one looks awesome. Would it hold a modern laptop?

      Judging by the picture, I'd say no normal-sized laptop would fit in that, but I reckon you'd be able to squeeze a netbook in there with room to spare.

      I could be wrong.

    Isn't Tekken 6 from Namco?

    Nice, looks pretty good. Should be an awesome prize for whoever ends up winning it.

    Any chance of splitting that "big pile of crap" into "little piles of crap"? That way there would be more crap to be won and therefore more fun for everyone!

    Definitely a mixed set of treasures. On one hand, imagine the glory of winning some of this crap! On the other hand, imagine the shame and humiliation of winning some of this crap.

    Oh well, I guess I'm in it for the fame, not the fortune.


    That's some awesome stuff there, Dave. A hearty congrats to whoever wins, but I do sorely hope it is me.

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