Reader Review: FIFA 10

Reader Review: FIFA 10

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This review was submitted by Jared Araniego. If you’ve played FIFA 10, or just want to ask Jared more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

FIFA 10 (360, PS3)

EA Sports continues to milk ‘the beautiful game’ for all it’s worth. Start counting them soccer puns, because does FIFA 10 score a top corner finisher, or is it relegated to the league of mediocrity?


New 360 control: Unlike many of EA’s oh-so-promising ‘new features’ that must be brandished on the back of the box, FIFA 10’s much hyped ‘360 dribbling’ is really amazing. No longer restricted to certain movements on the pitch, players can now move in any direction, as well as direct passes with complete accuracy. Although difficult at first, it really comes into its own as the experience continues, and soon enough, putting players into gaps becomes easier. It also just gives the player more control as well, and ultimately, adds to the FIFA 10 experience.

Virtual Pro: Adding to the concept of ‘Be a Pro’ in last year’s edition, FIFA 10 incorporates the function of achieving certain goals in order to turn your rookie into a fully fledged superstar. As well as adding more depth to a clever idea, it’s gratifying to experience the football journey side by side with your own created superstar.


Commentary glitches: Don’t get me wrong, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray are great. But every so often, they’ll say something that seems totally out of context, such as scoring the first goal, only to hear Mr Tyler say something along the lines of ‘and he’s added another goal!’. While not alarming, it detracts from the overall presentation of the game, where everything else is of such a high standard.

300 words aren’t enough to convey how impressive FIFA 10 is. From the AI to the in depth manager mode, it’s the closest you’ll get to playing the beautiful game without copping a headbutt from Zidane.

Reviewed by: Jared Araniego

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  • Great review, I spent a few hours last night chipping away at the monster that is manager mode and also managed to unlock the 5 star tricks for my ‘virtual pro’ which is awesome.

    My only gripe is the AI stupidity in the be a pro mode, all to often the AI will turn over possession or simply not give up the rock when your screaming through a gaping hole in the defense… fine tuning is all this game needs.

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