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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Seen the stories about Michael Atkinson's humiliation yet?

      It's encouraging to see him willing to recant when faced with such a groundswell of opposition. Here's hoping it augurs well.

        What stories? Link or it didn't happen!

          Be warned, his arrogance is still staggering.

            1000 comments is a bit of a stretch at work, but what the hell... SA is becoming a draconian state. Atkinson should really not come out unscathed with this. Fair enough that they want your real name when sending snail mail (as per any government correspondence). but real name + post code on the net? Would you like to start the biggest case of identity fraud?


    Heading to Sydney for UFC 110??

      I'm already in Sydney. But not for UFC...

      (I tried playing the UFC game once but couldn't find the button for "kiss".)

        Thats actually part of a DLC pack... but it is heartening to know that "A Boy and His Blob" isn't the only game to feature a hug button.

        ..Even though the hug button in UFC seems to much more vigorous and passionate. Kind of make you wonder why the "kiss" button was left out of the initial release...

    Is Mass Effect actually rubbish? I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who finds the game boring as hell.

      I'm sorry, Stephan, but Mass Effect is actually the opposite of rubbish. Have you ever considered the possibility that you may be incapable of enjoying good games?

        Stephen: If you've put the game down after the first 2 hours or so, I completely agree. I had a lot of trouble starting Mass Effect 1. Im implore you to stick it out to about the 4 hours mark - once you master the mako and the combat, its just amazing.

        Of course, if you're referring to Mass effect 2, I just can't help you. Its just AWEESOME!

        Or maybe he just isn't a big fan of RPG's

          I must be one of the weird ones, because I absolutely LOVED the Citadel. I spent about 6 hours there before moving on. I just really enjoyed solving the non-combat quests, much like in KOTOR. I'm actually enjoying Mass Effect more on my third playthrough then any before. People complain about the combat, but it's so much fun playing as a level 55 Adept with Liara and Kaiden loaded up with Savant X amps. Throwing everything around never gets old.

    Do you think that table top wargames (ie Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, warmachine and anything else starting with "war") could ever possibly be made into a decent Pc/Console game experience.

    Games like Chaos Gate, Rites of war and Final Liberation (all Gamesworkshop games) have had a shot at retaining the table top feeling with added things chucked in to make it more widely popular.. and have ended up as a empty experience in one war or another...

    See, card games have received many really good virtual iterations whilst really enjoyable table top games have been rather flawed, even the newest Blood Bowl title, whilst close to perfect simulation, still falls a little short.

    I don't really care about graphics or anything, but being able to customise, say, a Space Marine 40k army and then play against a Tau army in Brazil from the comfort of my home would be utterly enjoyable. But chances of that happening these days with peoples attention spans getting shorter and shorter just seems less likely with every testosterone injected new release that hits the shelves...

    Thoughts? - and sorry for the incoherent ramble.. lol

      kind of surprised to hear myself saying it, but that actually sounds to me just the kind of thing that would be fun and appropriate for the iPad...

      on the train/bus on my way to/from work i could whip it out and screw around with customizing my army etc, then at lunch time i could square off against a friend who had been doing the same (does the ipad have some local wireless dealy?)

      anyway you get the idea... the screen would be quite a nice interface for strategy type games, especially turn-based or slower ones where you don't have to react extremely precisely and quickly with complex controls

      and the "carry everywhere" type device would be perfect for all the fiddling/customizing etc

      ayway, justa thought...

    Any news on the black Wii in Australia? I know they are bringing in coloured remotes but I want a black console dammit!

    Also don't worry Stephen I didn't like Mass Effect much either. It was boring but the bugs and other annoyances ruined it more for me personally; like how the fricking enemies would just come run right up to you! Yeah great AI!

      The enemies that run right up to you would be those with strong melee charge attacks, such as the Krogan Warriors or Geth Destroyers, or those who only have melee attacks, such as the Husks. Enemies with ranged attacks or weak melee attacks will never run right up to you. This would appear to be good AI to me.

        I must have a buggy copy then. Nearly every time I encountered and enemy it would run at me. Human enemies too.

          Very strange indeed!

          Oh, and there's been no word from Nintendo on coloured Wii consoles.

    So I picked up a copy of PCPP for their Game of the Decade list thing. Now, I like Deus Ex: Invisible War and although I'm not sure I would have put it up as #1, I'm not going to argue it, but what I'm more curious about is something Fordham says near the back: "David Wildgoose told me he always disabled 'Always Run' and WALKED through the whole game because he said it improved atmosphere or something."
    Haha, what.

      Quick correction: I nominated the original Deus Ex, not the sequel, as my game of the decade.

      Fordham is exaggerating, but yes I do have this habit of walking in games, mainly first-person games. I do so at times when it would be out of character to be running or, indeed, hopping around like an idiot. It helps me suspend disbelief and thus makes for a more immersive experience.

        Got to agree with you about Deus Ex. Brilliant game. Is there any truth to the rumours that Eidos may do a re-release around the time Deus Ex 3 hits shelves? Updated graphics/engine. (Fingers crossed not changing the gameplay). It's been a real pain getting the old game to work on current machines but luckily I found a helpful 3rd party tool that solved all problems for me.

        Also, do you have any hope for Deus Ex 3 living up to the original?

    Any word on when Perfect Dark will be hitting Xbox Live? The wait is killing me for some reason.

    And Mass Effect is awesome. Really really awesome.

    well now i have the iPad on the mind, i think there is one quite broad area where the thing might be really damn useful- an which seems to have been overlooked...

    i am a digital artist- i draw with a wacom in photoshop, i build and animate characters in 3d, and i am actually quite excited about what the iPad will mean for me in the future...

    to be honest i doubt this first generation will be of much interest, likewise the 2nd and probably 3rd gens, but somewhere down the line, the possibility of carrying a nice, clear A4ish sized equivalent of a Cintique draw-on-screen tablet with NOTHING ELSE BULKY, and have be able to photoshop-sketch in a park or on the bus, this concept really makes me feel that "more intimate" kind of computer thing they keep yammering on about

    i hope these things are powerful enough to run graphics aps such as photoshop, and i hope someone is at least attempting to redesign these graphical software interfaces to make them nice to use on the iPad

    any thoughts?

    Is Dragon age: Awakening actually coming out on the PS3 in Australia?, I cant find any Aussie sites that are listing it.

    How many copies world wide ,has Demon Soul's sold?
    Hope it was enough for a sequel !

    Should I consider for the not so distant future the option of a new career in games over my currently very well paying job as an electrician ? AIE's online courses have gotten me more interested in this prospect, that and I don't want to run cables for the rest of my life even tho the moolah is damn good.

    Hey Dave, how far away would you say those copies of Mass Effect 2 are? :)

    Something I've always wondered: when an international mag like Game Informer launches a localised version, how much content would originate locally? Less than / greater than 50%?

    What was your 11th favourite game of 2009?

    Im still interested if u wanna play some Solium Infernum, i have 4 copies so u dont need one ill lend u a cdkey to play. let me no dave :)

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