LunchTimeWaster: Freeway Fallguy

Driving games make for good time wasters. As do avoid games. Add a little guy on the bonnet of a car moving fast down a freeway, and we have ourselves a great little LunchTimeWaster.

Freeway Fallguy is a pretty simple driver — steer left right with the mouse, click to accelerate and score bonus points. You're trying to hit point markers, and avoid cars, all while keeping things as stable as you can so the guy dancing on your bonnet doesn't fall off and die a grim death.

Interestingly, there's an accompanying soundtrack that is quite good, and turns out the whole game is something of a viral promo for the band. Clever. The consequence, however, is that there's no 'sound off' button I could see, so you might get sick of the track that's playing before you get sick of playing the game.

Best scores in the comments! What can you get to before lunch is through?

Freeway Fallguy [Newgrounds]


    Link is to "LunchTimeWaster: Freeway Fallguy", rather than to "".

      Fixed now. Yes, I'm an idiot.

    Good fun but, arhhhh that music is horrible.

    Shame it looks like that game's designed to promote the band.

    Sound button is above the distance meter...

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