SEGA Releasing Violent Wii Games Bundle

SEGA Releasing Violent Wii Games Bundle

Just as the R18+ discussion submissions process draws to a close, SEGA Australia reminds us that they’ve released a few violent games for Wii under MA15+ in recent times.

Named the ‘Welcome To Violence’ bundle, it’s a good way to catch up on some OTT Wii action. The bundle offers up Madworld, The Conduit, and The House of the Dead: Overkill, for a single price of $109.95. The bundle will hit stores March 11th.

SEGA announced the release by calling it a good way to mark one year since the release of their Bang Bang Box special edition of Overkill.

It’s worth noting this is an Australia only bundle. Seems SEGA Australia figures that in spite of our current classification regime, we still have a better sense of humour than most.


  • God bless you Sega…

    Absolutely fantastic idea that brought a smile to my face.

    I only hope others get the joke…

    I already have Madworld, so i might just stick to getting the other 2 seperate though…

  • Atkinson would be either salivating at this for ammo in his campaign against an R18 rating, or G4C would use these as examples of why our classification system needs an R18 rating.

    Things just got a lot more interesting…

  • great stuff sega.
    it was only about a month ago Atkinson was saying that “he, and his kids play games on the wii.”

    hopefully this might help him see that some parents (himself included) buy games for their kids without taking notice of its rating

  • You know what? Good on Sega for doing this.

    Its important to piss off people in power. Reverence for authority is the first ingredient for submission to it, and submission to authority is the first step down the road to serfdom.

    Plus, the simple fact is that people enjoy violence. Violence exists in sport and television and literature and music and theatre. Running away from the simple fact that most people have dark urges that need catharsis is simply denial.

    And if we repress every form of possible catharsis for these dark urges, they will eventually be left with no option but to be expressed via illegal means.

    Yes, Atkinson will probably claim this proves “gamers are a bloodthirsty horde,” but again he misses the fact that video games are a CATHARSIS for violent urges, not an exacerbater of them.

  • They should really be releasing this everywhere considering all 3 games didn’t sell as well as expected. Good way to boost some sales AND interest in the violence genre for the Wii.

    But like an above comment suggests, you COULD POSSIBLY, but not entirely sure, get the games cheaper separately depending on the retailers.

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