Who Won The Final Final Fantasy Chronicles Wii Prize?

Who Won The Final Final Fantasy Chronicles Wii Prize?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Wii is out now, and we’ve given away a bunch of copies in recent days. So who won the final copy?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is unlike previous Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games. It’s set in a huge open-world environment where you’ll engage in adventure, exploration, puzzle solving and a dash of action-based mini-games.

Thanks to Square Enix’s Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got five copies of The Crystal Bearers – plus five game soundtracks – to give away.

And the winner of the final draw from Tuesday is Joshy206, for the name that out of all entries, all week, it seemed most like it could actually be used on some game, somewhere, ever. Don’t know if I’d want to play it, but still…

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