WIN! Dante’s Inferno PS3/360 Game And Book

Last chance to get your gluttonous hands on a copy of Dante's Inferno. All you have to do is describe to us your Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming.

Dante’s Inferno is the new action adventure from EA and Visceral Games, the guys responsible for Dead Space and The Godfather. It’s based on the Divine Comedy, the classic work of 14th century Italian literature written by Dante Alighieri depicting the poet’s journey into the afterlife and through the nine circles of Hell.

You can find out from producer Jonathan Knight just how Visceral reimagined Dante’s Inferno, from poetry to playability, in our interview.

We’ve got eight copies of Dante’s Inferno – four Xbox, four PS3 – and eight copies of the book to give away this week. Today is the last day we’ll be offloading two prize packs: one with the 360 version and book, the other with the PS3 version and book.

To win, we want to know your picks for the Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming. Dante’s description of Purgatory contained his interpretation: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony and lust.

But what for you are the most objectionable vices in video gaming? Don’t just give us a list, explain your choices.

Leave your entry in the comments below along with your console preference (don’t say both). You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect. Entries close at midnight EDT tonight and the final two daily winners will be announced over the weekend.

And the winners of Thursday's draw were kingcong and Chuloopa.

Good luck!

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    The Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming.

    I'm keeping it nice and simple here and will list each sin with it's most shining example.

    Lust: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

    Gluttony: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

    Greed: World of Warcraft

    Sloth: E.T The Extra Terrestrial (Game)

    Wraith: Postal

    Envy: Killzone

    Pride: Nuke Nukem Forever

    (Xbox 360 Please)

    1st Sin: The Sin of Dismissal - Dismissing the world around you, because the world in front of you is far better

    2nd Sin: The Sin of Ignorance - Ignoring that a game is not to your taste, and buying it because it got 10/10 reviews

    3rd Sin: The Sin of Torrenting - Acquiring "backups" of games, or "trying before you buy"

    4th Sin: The Sin of Fanboyism - Openly bashing any forum user that expresses an opinion with event a hint of distaste for your console/game of choise

    5th Sin: The Sin of Trading - Trading in old games for new, at a small loss to your wallet and a huge profit to the game retailers

    6th Sin: The Sin of Overachieving - Ruining the experience of your games in order to do completely idiotic tasks for achievement points

    7th Sin: The Sin of Gullibility - Listening to any promise made by any game or console developer ever.

    Hypocrisy(The Fanboy):
    He whom blasphemes another console! Yet having never fondled it's controler or playeth it's games.

    Soothsayer(The Troll):
    He who hides behind a virtual blanket and pours forth every vile word against his opponent and teammate demoralizing his fellow gamer.

    Thievery(The Pirate):
    He who downloads and enjoys but never pays for the game played! Always Sampling content but never re-compensating it's starving developer.

    Sorcery(The Cheater):
    He who summons the deep magical forces of the code and bades them to do his will, subverting the very nature of a game against his opponents.

    Dupliciter(The Returner):
    He who upon playing and finishing a video game and then dares returning it to its original proprietor from whence it came, receiving his once spent copper.

    Sluggard(The MMO Player):
    Droning his time on a quest or a mission that never ceases, that never ends, that is never satisfied, a lust never quenched but he continues! On and on. and his children starve, his relationships suffer, his academic pursuits plummet and sometimes... he dies.

    Bobby Kotick:
    The foul black stench wafting from a dark and sickening sludge ozzing out of broccili shaped genital sores, the Bobby [email protected]#&en Kotick of hell. A subversive spirit so evil that Satan farteth it out, moulding it's own black encrusted turd into a child and implanting his spawn into an evil witch queen. Birthing on a full moon the disturbingly ugly dimpled faced child, naws it's way out of it's cacoon of a mother into a suit and stumbling into the CEO position of satan industries, Activision. Where it continues to milk franchises (Guitar Hero), cheat fans (Modern Warfare) and whore itself to other nations (Blizzard). A sinful entity so great it manifests into an entore category of deadly sins.

    Edit: Xbox 360.

    1 - Masterbating - duh!
    2 - Steeling food out of the fridge at work
    3 - Flirting with the girl at Gamestop to get the employee discount even that I dont care about her, hell its for the discount!
    4 - Rubbing my roomies toothbush on my asscrack
    5 - Tossing my crab infested cloths into my roomies laundry bin - haha!
    6 - Pissing in my X-gals shampoo bottle
    7 - Not bathing for days and scrapn' my head cheese into the mayo!!!!!!!!!! o.O

    PS3 - FTW!

    I present to you, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF GAMING!!! (You must read it in an evil voice)

    1- Treachery: Team killing will send you to the first hellish circle. A land of utter horror as visions of your closest companions torture your very soul.

    2- Teabag: For all the tea baggers of gaming; one only prays he does not end up in this circle. An eternity of tea bagging for your sins.

    3- Cheat: Here you will never escape the hurt your screen cheating and cheat codes have caused.

    4- Rigs: All those whom have come across the beast of gaming itself; Big Rigs. All those dammed to this circle suffer an eternity of terrible physics and grammatical errors.

    5- Theft: For those who have purchased pirated games in their lifetime. Yes, it may feel great to have all the games you ever wanted for a fraction of the cost, but that will not help you in the fifth circle of hell as you 'burn' (get it) til' the end of time.

    6- Trade: The sixth circle of hell offers a cozy seat to all those whom have participated in any trade in deal at EB games. The punishment?! You have just traded in your soul to the devil.... For $20 off your next console purchase.

    7- Atkinson: The deepest and most hellish circle of them all. For all those whom have supported Michael Atkinson suffer an eternity of Wii tennis with the devil of gaming himself.

    PS3 user. Thanks

    Video Game's Seven Deadliest Sins

    1: How did all these wooden crates get here?
    -It's like the lead designer showed up for work on the first day, sat down at his desk, stared pensively at a blank piece of paper for a minute, then threw his pen down in frustration and said "Well /I/ don't know!"

    2: Need A Dispenser Here!
    -Because, yeah, players ARE going to spam that.
    Hey Doc, Cmon' man! Need a Dispenser here!

    3: Spikes Don't Fly Up!
    -You know What "I Wanna Be The Guy"? No. Just No.

    4: You don't REALLY need a save point after that boss.
    -Because there's nothing in the next room that could kill you, right?

    5: Endless Respawns
    -"What?! You just killed all of my minions? Oh, that's ok, I've got more."

    -There is a special circle of hell reserved for developers that replace numbers with letters; no matter how good the game.

    7: Hey! Listen! Hello? Hey Hey! Listen!
    -Hey! Listen! Hello? Hey! Listen Hey Hey Hey Listen! Hey Hello!? Hey Listen! Hey! Watch out! Hey! Listen!Hey! Listen Listen! Hello! Watch out! Hey! Listen! Look! Hey! Hey! Listen! Hello? Hello! Hey! Listen Listen! Look! Hey! Listen!

    [email protected]
    XBOX 360!

    1* Sore looser.....Should I beat you now or later with my controler?

    2* Should I really get a Wii because it looks fun or not because it's not hardcore gaming????? Oopse how did that get next to my TV?

    3* Tell friends that I'm not feeling good just to stay home on Friday / Saturday night, power up the PS3 and kick ass.

    4* Calling in sick to work the day after the midnight release of FF13 because there will be no rest for the wicked!!!!!

    5* Coffee is God, we can sleep when we're on.

    6* Family reunion Meh, Gaming - HELL YES!

    7* Cant Sleep, Clowns will eat me, next level! WooT

    Playstation3 - Pls

    The 7 Deadly Sins of Gaming!

    1. Rage Quitting

    2. Sitting down to a marathon gaming session and not having the proper provisions - a clear path to the toilet, snacks and drinks and a trustowrthy companion on hand to do your dinner!

    3. Pausing the game to answer the phone, the door or any pausing in general.

    4. Camping

    5. Kill Stealing - Iv set up a beauty and you think you can come and destroy what Iv built, NO!
    Also includes team killing, and spawn camp killing!

    6. AFK/C - During the game?! Its in progress FOOL!

    7. Hax - Why cheat you stupid piece of scum! the games not hard and theres millions who play so you cheat to be number one, thats not the same!!!!

    I have these rules I play by but as soon as I speak on Xbox Live they know I'm a girl so they dont care what I say only what Im wearing?! Along with a copy of the game which I would happily kill for, a voice distortian device would be just grand!

    Xbox 360 Pwns!

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