Your R18+ Rating Submissions

The period of public consultation on the issue of whether Australia should have an R18+ rating for videogames is drawing to a close. You have until February 28 to make a submission. Many Kotaku readers already have, and we're going to share them with you.

Last week we asked you to send us your submission to encourage your fellow Kotaku readers to have their say as well. We said we'd publish your closing 250-word comments. So for the rest of the week we'll be highlighting some of the best in individual posts.

This submission comes from Morgan Holt, who writes:

The Australian classification system stands alone amongst its peers as lacking an adult classification for video games. Some titles have been refused classification, while others have been altered to fit within the MA15+ classification. A harmful consequence of this is that it has allowed for the release of material that was developed for the consumption of adults (as classified internationally) to be released to minors within Australia. It could be argued that the lack of appropriate classification standards has compromised the existing system such that it is incapable of acting in a way that both satisfies the public demand and correctly informs them of the seriousness of the content.

With film and television being granted an R18+ classification and being accepted as a medium that is capable of portraying themes that are suitable for adults only, the lack of such a classification for video games only serves to propagate the misconception that games are “only for kids”. An R18+ classification would send a clear message to the public that the themes in some titles are simply not suitable for certain age groups.

Video game popularity has increased in a fashion that was scarcely imaginable when the Classification Act was developed. As the way in which we consume our media changes, so too should the system which informs consumers of its content.

An R18+ classification for video games is sorely needed to restrict the media to the correct audience, to dispel any illusions of the seriousness of the content and lest we get left behind as this industry matures.

In case you’re yet to state your case, here’s how to do it.

The call for public consultation ( The Bond University Interactive Australia report (for helpful research insights)


    ironically the AVP ad at the top of the page says the game is rated R18+ and then the little ad on the right says MA15+

    That's one of the best ones I've read, nice job.

      Yeah I thought so. Its these types of messages that needs to be massed to the masses.

    R18+ would allow for much larger breasts to be portrayed in videogames, and much more explicitly. This would divert perverts from becoming paeodophiles and molesting children.

    A vote for R-rating is a vote for protecting the children.


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