AU Diary: What Do You Want To Know About Metro 2033?

Metro 2033 is a "horror shooter" from Ukraine developer 4A Games, a studio comprised of numerous guys who worked on the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. I've got the chance to interview 4A on Friday. Anything you'd like me to ask?

We recently gave you five reasons why you'll like Metro 2033, but perhaps there's more you'd like to know.

Leave your questions in the comments below and I'll be sure to ask the best of them during my interview. Get 'em in before 9am Friday though.


    Is it good?

    On a more serious note - how long precisely is the game? Considering they abandoned multiplayer and said 100% single player... they did promise a LENGTHLY game afterall.

    You maybe able to answer this yourself David, and if so cool beans =)

    It's been mentioned that bullets are used as currency. This kinda gives me the impression it's not quite a linear shooter, but it also seems it's not a free-roaming game based on what you said earlier. I'd like a better idea on how the player operates in the game world.

    Why do they feel Australians should pay $30 more than the US price on steam.

    Okay never mind, I know this is most likely on the publishers side of things and these guys will probably have nothing to do with it. And even if they did you'd just get a canned answer.

    Just needed to vent a bit.

    How much of this game is the "spirit" of STALKER, since we first saw it it was obviously very similar to it. How do they feel about this?

    Does the game seem as technologically broken as Stalker?

    Are any of the soldiers/survivors (those that take-up arms) women? Or are the women in the game passive in that sense, with only men doing the fighting?

    I'm curious about this because of the recent article about modern warfare games lacking female troops (, and Metro 2033 is set in the future.

    How linear is the game? I just want a linear shooter =/

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