LunchTimeWaster: Show Us Your Tentacle

In case you weren't aware of the Global GameJam, a worldwide event in which small teams of developers make a game in 48 hours, the Sydney IGDA chapter participated in January with fantastic results.

Today's time waster may not last you all lunch, but it was one of those games you'd spot from across the hall and have to check out.

Tentacle Assassin took out the Best Game award by not-so-subtly tapping into that inherent human desire to slaughter civilians with massive tentacles. Or so the developers say.

While there had already been a GameJam in Perth, this was the first event to be completed in Sydney (one had been attempted before). As constraints, all games had to have a "deception" theme, as well as include snowing, sewing, or rowing, and as a nod to the Powerhouse Museum as host (running an '80s weekend at the time), all games were to have some form of '80s reference.

You can check out the other games made in Sydney here.


    More links to the games from GameJam please

    My life is complete I have had a game I made on Kotaku!

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