WIN! Heavy Rain "Origami" Edition On PS3

You have one more week left to enter our Heavy Rain competition and win yourself a special "Origami" edition of the very adult PlayStation 3 exclusive. Today we take a look at a few of the entries we've already received.

Thanks to Sony, we have TEN Heavy Rain "Origami" Editions up for grabs. This edition contains the full game and comes in a special origami style disc case. I repeat: you cannot buy it anywhere!

So how do you win this beautifully crafted PS3 game?

Heavy Rain is full of moody moments where people look reflective and melancholy, lost in their pangs of regret and remorse, just like the one above. We want you to create your own moody moment from Heavy Rain by way of the medium of photography.

Snap a pic of yourself or a friend that resembles a fictional screenshot from Heavy Rain and send it to us at the usual address. You must include the Kotaku "K" somewhere in the shot. Minimal photoshopping is OK, but we're really judging the idea here more than the execution. Multiple entries are not allowed.

You've got until next Sunday, March 7, to get your entries in. We'll be posting your entries as they arrive between now and then, and then choosing the ten best at the conclusion of the comp.

Entries such as Steven L's portrait of Xbox 360 buyer's remorse at the news of Heavy Rain being a PS3 exclusive:

Or Aaron T being paralysed with choice as February and March deliver a rare slew of quality games:

Or Joel T's tribute to the (superior) Japanese box art:

Or Jordan D's sepia-tinged handywork:

Or Jeff K's sheer nonsense:

That's just five of the entries I've received so far, all plucked at random from the steadily rising pile. They might win, they might not. Do you think you can do better?

Good luck!

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    Interesting stuff, Jordan's is kickass.

    Jordan's is awesome. Nice stuff.

    That last one though... can't remember anything about peeing on people in the previews.. so he must already have played the full game where there must be something to do with urinating on childhood heroes - therefore doesn't need to win :P

    A few of these don't have the Kotaku "k" physically in the shot, they're just photoshopped in? C'mon, David, you said that wasn't cool. I went and retook my photo for you and everything :'(

    Some of these are awesome though, heh.

      Yeah I know right?
      I went to a lot of effort too (painting the kotaku K on my dad's face is AWKWARD)

      But like he said, they were a random sample so, you're bound to get a lot of people who didn't read the requirements 100%.

        Haha, now I really wanna see yours.

          Heh, thanks.
          Hopefully it gets put up at some point, t'was a pretty fun shoot to do, especially with me and my dad having no clue how to use make up while we rummage through my mum's supplies hahaha...

            ok... now *I* am desperate to see this pic.. haha

              Hahaha awesome!
              I'd put it up on my website and link ya, but I don't know, that might be against the rules or something? Generating unsportsman-like hype? Hahaha...
              Fingers crossed it gets posted at some point over the next week.

    wtf is that last one? lol heheheheheh

      Jeff K is a character from, probably some goon from SA's submission.

    Also, for sure, loving Jordan's.

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