Gaze Forlornly At Your Winning Heavy Rain Photos

We received some truly fantastic entries in our Heavy Rain competition. Now let's find out who won the special "Origami" editions of Quantic Dream's interactive drama.

Heavy Rain is full of moody moments where people look reflective and melancholy, lost in their pangs of regret and remorse, just like the one above. We asked you to create your own moody moment from Heavy Rain by way of the medium of photography.

These were the ten best, each of whom win a copy of the special Heavy Rain "Origami" edition:

Congratulations everyone. I'll be in touch later today to organise the delivery of your prizes.

UPDATE: I'll have a nice surprise for a few more of you later today. Stay tuned...


    Fantabbatastic. Well played all.

    wooooooooooooooo thanks heaps.

      I guess you guys will just shoot me an email to the address I sent my entry from? Let me know if I need to give you my details in some other way.

      I won too!
      (mine's the 7th one - I think you were one of the guys who wanted to see the pic where I painted the K on my dad's face?) hahaha.

        That turned out pretty kick arse there joshy boy! congrats

          Cheers :D

    haha well done
    some clever entries there

    I think I can be forgiven for sleeping with my eyes open at work...

    Thanks so much David :D

    Brilliant work to all those who submitted something. These are all very very good.

    These are all really, really good. Grats to the winners.

    I didn’t win
    Notice the sadness of my face


    The last one is responsible for me spilling my morning coffee over my laptop as I lol'ed.

    Congrats to all the winners who know how to follow a brief :)
    I knew something was missing from mine!:

    Damn it well at least I got my picture published.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Some really good, thoughtful entries.

    Somehow, once again, Cookie Monster has failed me. Will he ever win me a prize? Should I give just give up with him!? Perhaps it was my glee abandon with the contest rules? Oh well....

    Me not give up. *

    * points to whom can guess the book reference!

      Debbie Does Dallas - The Novel?

      "but debbie - washing cars alone won't get you the money you need for that new purse"

      "me not give up!"

      -70's guitar riff kicks in-

        ROFL Loopa! Ok, It was actually "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree", classic literature...

        But I'll give you 1 point anyways! :P

          Damn - was pretty bloody close tho, you have to admit that much at least.

          Don't worry mate, your cookie monster will come through one of these days!

          I'm sure 'Goose will have to have some sort of "WIN A COPY OF GAME X BY SHOWING US YOUR COOKIE MONSTER STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY"

    Where's the Kotaku 'K' in the third one (the one with the dude sitting on the bed)? I can't see it...

      Take a look at those unshaven legs a little closer

    Oh wow, thanks so much! Some quality entries here - tough competition.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Well deserved!

    Those are all really great - well done!

    Well done guys - very much deserved

    Congrats guys - some great entries there!

    That last one is amazing!

    Holy... I can't believe it.

    Some of them actually made me laugh! Great job guys!

    ...I never got an email from you David? :C

      Expect one this afternoon.

    These are amazing. Congrats to all the winners, very well deserved.

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