WIN! Heavy Rain "Origami" Edition On PS3

The long-awaited "interactive drama" of Heavy Rain makes its PlayStation 3 exclusive debut this Thursday. If you'd like to win a special not-for-sale "Origami" edition, read on.

Thanks to Sony, we have TEN Heavy Rain "Origami" Editions up for grabs. This edition contains the full game and comes in a special origami style disc case. I repeat: you cannot buy it anywhere!

So how do you win this beautifully crafted PS3 game?

Heavy Rain is full of moody moments where people look reflective and melancholy, lost in their pangs of regret and remorse, just like the one above. We want you to create your own moody moment from Heavy Rain by way of the medium of photography.

Snap a pic of yourself or a friend that resembles a fictional screenshot from Heavy Rain and send it to us at the usual address. You must include the Kotaku "K" somewhere in the shot. Minimal photoshopping is OK, but we're really judging the idea here more than the execution. Multiple entries are not allowed.

You've got until next Sunday, March 7, to get your entries in. We'll be posting your entries as they arrive between now and then, and then choosing the ten best at the conclusion of the comp.

Good luck!

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    Now this sounds like an awesome comp with a fantastic theme and medium.

    I can't wait to start planning this one :)

    Good luck all!

    Does it have to include a person?


        Umm does it have to be a replica of a screenshot that was shown in any Heavy Rain demo or pic?

        Or can we incorporate a pic that captures the essence of a Heavy Rain scene?

          The latter, hence my description of a "fictional" moment.

    Sure hope it rains in the next fortnight or so or it'll be off to plan B.

    Have you announced the winner of the last Xbox 360 copy of AvP?
    I have been keeping an eye out for it, but i may have missed it.

    Are there any pics of this "Origami Edition"?

      I've only got a lo-res and blurry pic right now. Will add a better pic to the post when I get one.

    Nudity allowed?

      You can send it in. I might not be able to publish it though!

        You wouldn't do your readers the disservice of keeping it to yourself would you?

    if i had a camera today i would've caught the best... my PS3 died and i'm broke and can't fix it and Heavy Rain comes out in 2 days... if i had've cried, it probably would've been enough to be used as the rain in the entire game..

    Will the entry be given more attention if Nudity is involved in it? Also, when you say fictional does that mean a photo that encompasses Heavy Rain of a re-enactment of a screenshot?

      Also, sorry for double posting, but when should you announce the results?

      Please re-read the post as it contains all the information you need. I'm not revealing the secrets of the judging process.

      LOL @ nudity, maybe you can do a pic based around the introduction of the game, by drinking some OJ and wandering around a shopping centre.

    Hi, is there a minimum age for entering this competition?

    Whelp, I sent in my entry. God speed, little Jpeg!

    Cloudy right now... Don't think the lighting will be good enough when it actually rains though...

    Hmmm... too many ideas :(

    I think I'll take the non-naked approach.

    Man, I'd love to enter this but I've been trying to avoid screenshots and trailers because I'm a big spoiler wuss.

    I want them to have my money anyway <3

    Well here goes nothing!
    I had so much fun taking the photos today.
    Cant wait to see everyone else's awesome entries!

    Hey, hard to ask without talking too much about an idea, but can we combine stuff from a lot of photos to make something cool and abstract (still of course including self/friend), or are you looking really for a well prepared direct photo of a scene, simply taken and sent in?

    Hope this is understandable, could reword if needed.

    oh come on this isnt fair! we havent had proper rain in adelaide in months!

      And then if it rains now everyone would probably be /happy/...

    Hey, the entry I sent in has a Kotaku "K" logo photoshopped into the mirror in the photo. Is that OK or do I actually need to like print out the big K and have it physically in the photo when it's shot? If the latter, I'll re-take the shot and re-send it in.

      I'd like to know this too - do we need to slip one physically into the photo, or is it enough to shop one into it?

    When are you gonna show the origami edition pics? Or publish some of the entries?

    I'm pretty sure I saw the origami edition in a local JB stor, Heavy Rain was $79 and the origami edition was $99. Not bad IMO

      That would be the collector's edition. This "origami edition" is not for sale.

    Hey guys, for those of you wanting pics of the "origami" edition I found someone selling them on eBay. Can't say for sure if they're the same edition as the one from this competition but they're totally different from any other edition I've seen.

    Picture quality is decent so it gives a good idea of what the "orgami" edition looks like :)

      Awesome stuff!

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