WIN! Metro 2033's Logitech Pwnage Pack

Want to carve up futuristic cities of horror using the best kit? THQ and Logitech are offering close to $4k worth of gaming gear to whoever can provide a pic of their best fear face.

Metro 2033 is a FPS horror game, and we're looking for pics of the most horrified person. You don't have to take the pic of yourself while you play it, but it might help. Dare you be so scared?

Dress-ups and photoshopping are allowed, and entries will be judged on creativity and hilarity.

Grand Prize:

G35 7.1 Dolby Surround Headset

Z5500D 5.1 Surround Speakers

G19 Keyboard

G9x Laser Mouse

Total RRP: $1646

3 Runners Up Will Get:

G330 Headset

X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers

G15 Gaming Keyboard

G500 Gaming Mouse

Individual RRP: $726 Total RRP: $2178

You can send your entries to the usual place. We'll close the comp on the 2nd of April. Good luck!

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    OH EM GEE!
    I have to get in on this contest.
    Where's my camera?!

    My headphones just broke and I don't have a set of speakers. I might have to get in on this...

    How many entries can we put in?

    Which one of these devices makes physx stop the game crashing at launch? I'll take that, and I'm sure the dozens of people on the Steam forum with the same problem would enjoy it, too.

    This is Animated gif.
    Hopfully animated gifs work on your browser, if not, this will look quite disappointing.

    Anyway, enjoy:

    G500 > G9x :P. If I didnt already have most of that stuff (could go a G19 I guess) I'd enter.

    I've had a Razor Tarantuala keyboard for a while now. Man, what a dud decision that was.... Its uncomfy, sticky and the software keeps forgetting settings... So, I'm uber excited about this competition!
    Cookie Monster will make an appearance for sure! :)

    Great comp and prizes, thanks Kotaku and Logitech!

    LOL animated gif as well :)


    My entry:

    Good luck to everyone!

    Any possible chance that instead of a single picture I could make a very short film under one minute showing why is face is so horrified?

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