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I’ll be doing this every Wednesday.

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    David, my girlfriend and I would both like to go to E3 one year but we're aware thats it's media only. Will it ever look to going back to letting the public in or should we look at going to Gamescon or GDC instead?

      From the coverage I have seen it seems that PAX is the best show for the public to go to because the press get little (if any) extra attention.

      Based on the way the US media have been covering PAX East and or PAX Prime I'd put either of them on your radar too.

      I can't see E3 being open to the public. The industry needs a trade and media show that highlights products that aren't due for release for some time. Other shows such as Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show and now PAX bring more of a consumer focus.

      When the public is invited, you need to focus on games that are about to be released. At E3, we often see demos with glitches and bugs; it's expected when the games are still so far from release and the developers and publishers know the media understands this. No one is going to show those builds to the average consumer.


    Just wondering if you knew why it always seems like the ps3 is getting shafted on releases?
    Let's take bad company 2. Here is oz the game was releassed a week later on this then the other two platforms, and now the dlc is out for 360 and TBA for ps3/pc just wondering if you had any idea why this is?


      Is the PS3 really getting shafted? The PS3 version of Bad Company 2 was released after the PC/360 versions in Australia due to a manufacturing delay. As for the DLC, I don't know the answer there, but it seems reasonable to think EA simply had it ready on 360 first because that's where they are likely to see most of the sales.

    There is something that has been bugging me since last week that your have yet to give anyone an answer to in regards to the Splinter Cell Comp.

    Now i hate to be a nit picker or nay sayer and i'm usually one of the first to say "well done" to everyone, but one of the winning entries is bugging the heck out of me.

    The "think of england" entry, once i got it i saw the joke and all... but it broke the rules - there was no Kotaku logo in sight at all, yet the terms clearly stipulated that there MUST be a non-photoshopped Kotaku logo in the shot...

    Now as i said, i don't like second guessing and in the end it is your decision. But there were HEAPS of more relevent/funny entries that put in the extra effort and included the logo as asked of them, yet didn't win.

    This isn't about me, i personally don't care that i didn't win personally - hell i win heaps on here as it is, which i am more than grateful for, but surely somone else deserved to win more than this said person?

      Chuloopa it's cool I'm with you on this enquiry. I was going to put a question up. I even emailed the editor but got no reply.

      Personally I feel it unfair too and wonder why there was no answer too when other entries actually followed the rules but it seems that the two that didn't are ok with winning despite the rules clearly having been stated.

      So I think the questions fair, like I've said before, mine wasn't as funny as others so I didn't deserve to win I don't thin but I did see other more worthy ones there, ones that followed the rules.

        Its really just the England entry weresmurf. The c4 entry used a projector to put the writing on the fence, and then photographed it. I used the same technique with my usual Cookie monster entry, so I think you should maybe concentrate on just the England entry...?? Anyway, there are so many comps on Kotaku there will always be another chance to win. But it is annoying a bit I must say, but I think there's still a chance the k might be hidden in there somewhere that we've all failed to see.

          Qumulys: noone had bothered clarifying that, it looked like it was photoshopped but it's great to have that cleared up ta :)

          noone likes it when winners are questioned I get that, but I think it was a fair question, again ta for being the only one to
          mention that to me.

      I would see those requirements more as guidelines and to be honest it is not like these images are going to be used in any promotional manner to enhance the site. The entries that are well outside the box deserve recognition and I found that entry to be brilliant.

      I hope Chuloopa won't go Media Watch on you arse David like the once targeted PC Powerplay comp incident.

      I'm sure he won't from reading his posts.

      On a side note though did that whole incident change anything with the way you run comps?

        haha no Dean - no worries there.
        It's kind of just a niggling question.
        I have no problem what so ever with how comps are run here and the winners are always deserving.
        Also, yes, that entry was funny (once my slow brain got it) and very outside the box, which i do applaud.

        But why mention terms at all if they are more "guidelines".

        I know the Goose has caught a bit of flak in several comps which has been very undeserved - mainly which is from merely a jealous source, angry that their entry didn't cut it.

        i'm not having a go or anything, which i hope everyone understands - it's just a niggling question i have in the back of my mind.

        God i hate sounding like a complainer.. lol

        But yeh, as i said this will be the first and only time i raise somehting like this - i love Kotaku and i love the 'Goose and the whole community here.

          Agree with Chuloopa, I dont normally say anything either, this was just a really extreme one where it was really obvious.

          They're not 'guidelines', they're rules, plain and simple, you follow them to the letter for your entry, hence why Davids now doing what he's doing to be fair. Which is really good, as it means someone else who deserves a prize will get it.

          But dude, lmao, mediawatch!? Would someone actually do that!?!?! Over a bloody website comp?

          And someone did that about a gaming magazine or something did you say!? Holy crap LOL!!!

          What happened there? Got a link???

      I say you employ me and Loopster to choose the comp winners, it will save you a job, and therefore only cookie monsters will be winners! Mwhahahha.

      I have studied the think of england one quite a bit, someone mention the logo was at the bottom of a pillow, but to be honest I couldn't see it. If I squinted a little, and turned my head sideways a bit, and imagined a few more lines, I could almost make out a K on the tissue box..?? But I failed at almost every Where's Waldo books, so it must be there somewheres..?? Perhaps, cleverly, its the K in the word Think? In the end though, it did give me a good chuckle.

      Hey Dave, since there were SO many awesome entries, can you contact the MS peoples and SC peoples explaining how awesome the cookie monster is, and get a second round of prizes!!??? Now I think about it, do Kotaku contact these comapines asking for prizes, or is it the publishers who contact you guys with prizes to give away?? Who instigates it is what I'm asking! :)

      Hey guys,

      If these photo competitions give you this much grief, then don't enter them.

      Judge(s) make their decision. Winners get picked. Competition is over.

      The end.

      Also, seeing as this is an Ask Me Stuff post, I'm just wondering whether its time to change that Mass Effect 2 image?

      I was thinking something along the lines of Sazh from FFXIII or Kratos holding an enemy by the neck?

        If someone can send me an appropriate image, I'll use it.

      Unfortunately, I didn't notice the lack of the Kotaku logo on the "Think of England" entry until the winners had been announced. By then, it's too late.

      What I'll do is offer a game to the next best entry, so if you're that person, stay tuned for an email.

        That's more than fair Dave, thanks for the resolution to it. good luck to whoever it is who gets it!

    David, how do you keep your hair so silky and smooth? Do you think that having a well maintained lock of hair is crucial in the development of AAA games? The way it shines on a breezy autumnal day gives me goosebumps.

    In all seriousness, what's your favourite game ever? It doesn't have to be the best game you've come across, but the one you've had the most fun, the best memories, the least sour moments?

      It's a toupee.

      I'm not sure I have one favourite game of all time, but whenever I'm asked these games spring immediately to mind: Thief, Deus Ex, Planescape: Torment.

    Hi Guys,

    Just have some Halo Reach Mulitplayer questions.
    1. How big will the demo be?
    2. What time in Australia will it be released.
    3. Should I pull a sickie to play it.

      I want to say it's going to be Huge-er than Xbox!

      1. I don't think Bungie has confirmed that yet.
      2. I don't think Microsoft has confirmed that either.
      3. I reckon you should wait to see if it rolls out without a hitch. You don't want to take the day off then not be able to play it due to some technical issues.

      According to Bungie's Beta Guide, it'll be approximately 1.2gb.

    Hi David,

    Earlier this month you asked us for our iPhone/iPod Touch recommendations. How have you found the platform? Has it found a home in that dark crevasse previously only reserved for your PSP or is it in your hip pocket trying to out muscle your DSi?

      I've been meaning to follow up that post with some thoughts on the games I did buy. I'll get round to that at some point. But put it this way: I haven't turned on my PSP or DS since.

        Ever since I started gaming on my iPhone, I've lost track of where my PSP and DS are entirely...

    I posted this in the wrong place, so I'm re-pasting it here.

    Hey Dave, can we get an update on the whole american posting thingamy jigamy? I know you said its being addressed, I assume this is done by some other webpage wonderkid when they find time to get around to it.
    So, I was wondering if you can ask them to add some cool new features to AU Kotaku, I have no idea what new features would be cool as I’m not much of an ideas man, but I’d imagine something like instant posting without moderating for trusted posters would be cool?? Have you got any got any ideas you’d like to see happen/change on AU Kotaku??

    Why does Bioware hate the PS3?, Sony only gets half the games they make and fair enough maybe Microsoft have an exclusivity deal with them (I’m guessing since their Jade Empire days), but why does the support for PS3 always seem to be second rate?, we always get DLC significantly late. Was their some falling out with Bioware and Sony that I don’t know about?.

    If I paint the face-plate of my 360, will it raise the chances of it overheating??

      No. The fans at the pack funnel the air directly through the CPU heatsink. Just make sure you dont have the air vents on the side/bottom blocked as that's where the air enters the console.

        THe fans at the back, even.

        Typing after work is dangerous for spelling...

    Sometimes when i play MW2 on the 360 there are players with coloured names and also symbols (usually representing buttens on the controller) in the same game. It's happening more and more often. What's going on?


    Just wondering whatever the hell happened to

      It went out of business. The core staff are now working on the Australian edition of Game Informer.

    It may be abit late, but thought I may as well ask >_>

    Where were you today at the ModNations event David? I spent the whole evening trying to catch your name and see your face for once! :P
    They called you out at the beginning and someone even cheered for you xD

    Am I REALLY missing out by not having played Planescape Torment? I played all the others in the series, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, BG 1 and 2, all the ones in their catalogue, but never planescape... am I?

      Yes, you are.

      Planescape is less battle-oriented and focuses much, much more on dialogue.

      The Nameless One and each potential member of your party have more individual depth than all of the current FF characters combined.

      It's an incredibly detailed game.

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