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There are two things worth picking up this week. The above picture contains neither of them.

Rune Factory: Frontier is from Japanese publisher/developer Marvelous Entertainment, best known for the Harvest Moon series and for blessing Wii owners with Little King's Story and Muramasa last year. The Rune Factory games have borne the subtitle A Fantasy Harvest Moon, transparently conveying how they give you an extra dose of fantasy role-playing in your farming/romance sim.

Frontier has been out for ages overseas, but it's still very much worth picking up now that Rising Star and All Interactive Entertainment have managed to bring it out locally.

Also worth grabbing is the Machinarium Collectors Edition, now finally available through EB Games.

Are you picking up anything this week?

New releases for the w/c April 6:

Borderlands Double Game Add-on Pack (360, PC) What Is It? The first two Borderlands DLC packs on disc. But not the third. Should You Care? Dr Ned is good; Mad Moxxi's not so good. 30 bucks seems a bit steep.

Dead Or Alive: Paradise (PSP) What Is It? Gameplay-free Nintendogs clone, except with pet bikini-clad girls instead of pet puppies. Classy. Should You Care? This is utter trash.

The History Pack (PC) What Is It? Three obscure strategy games bundled together: Fate of Hellas, The Golden Horde and Seven Kingdoms: Conquest. Should You Care? Of the three, the Golden Horde has the highest metacritic score of... 54.

Machinarium Collector's Edition (PC) What Is It? Belated EB-exclusive bundle of last year's wonderful adventure, featuring soundtrack CD, art book, poster and walkthrough. Should You Care? A steal at only fifty bucks.

Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii) What Is It? Delightful and charming RPG take on the Harvest Moon formula adds monster-battling and questing to the farming and courting staples of the series. Should You Care? An excellent reason to dust off your Wii.


    2 girls 1... icecream? ;)

      Nooooooo whyyyyyyyyy would you do that to us? :p

    already played rune factory to death on ds. the hack and slash is pretty basic, but the dungeons(caves) offer constant seasons in caves, very handy.

    you continue to mention the greatness of Machinarium, and yet i still now naught of it. I think i may have to check this out and possibly add the collectors edition to my "buy me this for my birthday mummy and daddy" list.

    As for DOA, I'll add that to my "Play this if i want to be single again" list. Although, judging by the screenshot, being single may be an advantage when playing this game. Should we be expecting a reader review sometime in the near future focusing on the pro's and con's of playing a PSP with only one hand?

    I haven't heard of Rune Factory: Frontier but I'm currently checking it out. It's getting some good reviews (80+) so I might pick it up :)

    Too bad I already bought and finished Machinarium, otherwise I would of picked up the Collector's Edition.

    "There are two things worth picking up this week."


    "The above picture contains neither of them."


    I've been waiting for so long for Rune Factory Frontier.

    Woohoo! I get to keep my money this week!

    "Belated EB-exclusive bundle"

    Pushed back another week according to their website.

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