This Lord Of Ultima Advisor Looks Very Familiar

EA released some screenshots of browser-based Lord Of Ultima overnight. We were quite surprised to find Natalie Portman reprising her role from the Star Wars prequels.

That's her there on the right in Padmé Amidala costume from Attack of the Clones.

Below is a screenshot from Lord Of Ultima showing your advisor at the very outset of the game.

Hmm... I don't think we're stretching, do you?

We're guessing all the advice you'll be hearing in Lord Of Ultima will be along the lines of: "My place is with my people" or "The Federation has gone too far this time."

[Thanks to Lord Seafood for the tip!]


    You can tell that's the exact pic the artist used for reference - note the way her curls fall across her neck and hang down. Also, just look at the nose and mouth... lazy!

      Yeah, same reference picture.

      Get your own models, Ultima! :P

    Yeh.. but the guy has painted miss portman to look more like one of those shy-type medieval women you see in the movies that end up bedding the hero at the drop of a cod piece...

    "i...i'm sorry...m'lord"

    "silence and kiss me, wench!"



    Her hand looks like it's in a really uncomfortable position lol

      Covering herself, or ready to nudge the shouulder straps off?
      Demure and dominant at the same time.

        looks like she's massaging it LOL

    I think George Lucas is gonna sue someone!

      I hope so

    I am very curious how Lord Seaford spotted this. Either he has an unhealty obsession and memory for the rubbish prequels or more disturbingly posters still on his bedroom wall.

      It was the hair buns and the fact I watched the 70-minute review of Attack of the Clones yesterday. 8)

    Is this a better less scammy version of Evony? :o

    NAY, she hasn't got enough of an orgasmic/seductive look.

    besides, at least she has something to do in-game. Unlike the ads where a girl is unhooking a bra and you click and... you play evony. =.=''

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